How to Print a PDF Document Double-Sided

Due to the number of customization options, as well as the different features they support, PDFs have become one of the most useful and popular document formats, especially when it comes to creating files that are easy to print or share.

With such a wide array of different options also comes the ability to print your documents on both sides of the paper, giving you the opportunity to save some precious material and space. Here’s a quick guide explaining how you can do just that:

Printing double-sided PDFs with Acrobat

If you’re using Adobe Acrobat as your primary PDF editor, like most people, you can follow the simple steps below to effortlessly print your files on both sides of the paper:

  1. If you haven’t already, open the PDF file that you wish to print out in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. From the toolbar at the beginning of the window, press the Print icon. Alternatively, you could also press the File tab, and then select Print.
  3. In case your printer already supports double-sided prints, all you need to do is press the Layout section, and then choose the Print On Both Sides/2-Sided Print option within the Print window.
  4. In case your printer doesn’t support double-sided print, then select the Reverse Pages box from the Print window, and then press Print: Even Pages Only. Press OK and wait until the printer has finished the process. Then, press the Print icon once again, but this time choose Print: Odd Pages Only. Press OK and wait until the printer has finished the process.

Note:  Although the steps described above refer specifically to Adobe Acrobat, the printing process is nearly the same for all other PDF editors that allow for printing.

And there you have it; all the necessary steps you have to take in an effort to print your PDF files on both sides of the printing paper, regardless of the PDF reader you’re currently using.