How to Play Games on Houseparty

A video chat application that has gained massive popularity at the beginning of the year, Houseparty allows for more than just regular video calls. The application also has a number of interesting games integrated into its interface, giving you the opportunity to have some additional fun while spending some virtual time with your pals.

To help you begin playing fun games through the Houseparty application as well, here is a detailed guide that will allow you to achieve your goal:

Playing different games through the Houseparty app

Whether you are currently using the application on your tablet, phone, or Mac computer, the process for playing any in-app games is still the same:

  1. Load the Houseparty application on your current device.
  2. Enter a room you’ve created with some of your friends.
  3. Ensure that everyone is online, and that their microphones and cameras are turned on.
  4. Next, click on the dice icon in the upper part of your screen.
  5. Here, you can select any game that you’d like to start playing.
  6. Simply tap a game to play it in the chat.

Note: Although some users have managed to play different games on the Houseparty extension for Google Chrome once they were invited, there is still no straightforward way to start games while using that particular version of the app.

Available Houseparty games

At this moment, Houseparty offers seven different games that you could play while talking to your friends. Here is a list of all the different games that are currently available, along with a brief description:

  • Heads Up – A game that was developed by The Ellen Show and was a massively popular smartphone application once it rolled out is now also available for play on Houseparty. As a guessing game resembling charades, Heads Up works by showing your friends a clue on the screen, which you won’t see if you’re the one who’s guessing. Your pals in the chat will then describe the given term to you, and you will get a short amount of time to guess the term correctly.
  • UNOUNO is an incredibly popular card game that is still commonly played all around the globe. The Houseparty version of this entertaining card game works almost exactly the same as the real-life one; the aim is to be the first person to play every card, while messing with your mates a bit in the meantime.
  • Chips and Guac – Resembling Cards Against Humanity when it comes to gameplay, Chips and Guac is a game focused on word association, where the goal is to answer a question or complete a sentence in the funniest and most absurd way possible in an effort to win.
  • Trivia – With a number of different categories and multiple-choice questions, Trivia on Houseparty works like any other trivia game: you will get a set of questions in any chosen category, and the aim is to answer as many questions correctly as possible. However, this game has one additional perk as well, the fact that you can also play it by yourself.
  • Quick Draw – Similar in nature to Pictionary, Quick Draw is another guessing game that you could play with your pals on this application. Simply draw the given object on the screen of your device, and your pals in the chat will have to guess the term correctly. This is another game you could also play on your own if you wish.
  • Word Racers – Although another word-based game, Word Racers differs from other available options on the app. In this particular game, every player will be given eight of the same letters, and will then have a minute and a half to think of as many different words as they can. All the words need to be at least three letters long, and more points are given out the longer a word is. After three played rounds, the player that has the highest number of points wins.
  • Magic 8-Ball – As one would expect, this game works as a virtual form of the classic Magic 8-Ball; simply ask any question you wish, shake your device, and expect an answer to appear in a few seconds.

And that’s it; all the information you need in order to start playing fun games with your friends while chatting through the Houseparty application.