How To Make Your Android Phone Vibrate Continuously

Your phone’s motor is a powerful little thing; a pocket rocket, one might say. To make it vibrate continuously is to turn your Android smartphone into a mini-massager, a fidget gadget, or even a vibrator. The options are endless. 

If you want to learn how to make your Android phone vibrate continuously, then simply follow our step-by-step tutorials below. For any and all other questions, or if you pine for further information on the subject, then please direct your attention to our FAQ section at the bottom of this article.

How to make your Android smartphone vibrate continuously (Method #1)

  1. On your Android phone, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap the speaker icon until it shows you a speaker with a diagonal line through it and a jagged line to the right of it – this is your phone in Vibrate mode
    1. Note: You can tap and hold this icon to take you directly to the Settings page for ‘Sounds and vibration’, and there choose a ‘Vibration pattern’ you prefer
  3. Head back to the homepage and locate and tap on your ‘Clock’ app
  4. Once open, tap ‘Alarm’ and set your alarm to go off in one minute (or sooner)
  5. Tap the alarm and toggle ‘Alarm sound’ to OFF by tapping the toggle button
  6. Set the vibration pattern you desire
  7. Wait for the alarm to go off and when it does, leave it
  8. Your Android phone will vibrate continuously for the duration of your alarm (which means for as long as you leave your alarm ringing)
  9. To stop your Android from vibrating continuously, simply cancel or snooze the alarm

How to make your Android smartphone vibrate continuously (App Method)

  1. On your Android phone, locate and tap on the Google Play Store app icon
  2. Once in the Google Play Store, tap the search bar to open up the keyboard
  3. Type in ‘Good Vibes: Massage & Vibrator’ and then hit ‘Search’
  4. Tap on the Good Vibes app and then tap ‘Install’

    1. Note: The app is free to download and use and there are no in-app advertisements
  5. Once Good Vibes has installed, tap on it to open it, or tap ‘Open’ in the Google Play Store
  6. There are three vibration settings on Good Vibes: feather, heartbeat, lightning bolt. Tap on the feather icon to make your Android phone vibrate continuously
    1. You can now choose to ‘Lock’ the vibration on by tapping ‘Lock’ and this will ensure that the vibration continues uninterrupted, even if you accidentally tap or touch your screen. To unlock your phone at any time, just tap ‘Unlock’ and then confirm

  7. To stop the continuous vibration, just tap ‘Stop’ or close the app at any time’

And there you have it, two solid foolproof ways to make your Android phone vibrate continuously. If you have any further questions or want more info on the subject, just see our FAQs below.


Why would I want to make my Android phone vibrate continuously?

Our smartphones are today little supercomputers we carry around in our pockets and our bags. But they have one thing which computers don’t have: a tiny motor, or haptic responder, built into their hardware. This motor allows phones to vibrate in a number of ways, but most commonly in short sharp bursts to alert us to an incoming call, a received message, a notification, or something similar.

With a little tweaking, an app or two, or just a simple hack, this vibration motor can however be made to vibrate continuously. But why would you want it to? Well, the reasons are myriad. Vibrating continuously isn’t great for your smartphone’s battery, and so you could use a continuous vibration to effectively drain the battery before replacing it or recharging it.

Alternatively, a long, steady vibration could be an effective tool to use on sore muscles and tight limbs. If you’re suffering from sports injuries, accidents, or just the tense shoulders of a stressful work life, then making your Android phone vibrate continuously turns it into a mini-massage tool. Apply it in the right places and it could cure your ailments. Of course, applied to other certain, more intimate, places, it might bring you a degree more pleasure and relief than a simple massage would…

Is it safe to make my Android phone vibrate continuously?

It is perfectly safe to make your Android phone vibrate continuously. The vibrator motor can be set on Android phones to deliver a whole different series of vibration patterns and strengths, from light to medium to heavy vibrations, and with patterns ranging from actual song melodies, to short bursts, or long brushes. 

Thus, adjusting your Android to make it vibrate continuously is simply, in effect, inputting a new pattern for the vibration motor to perform. In all of our internet searches, we’ve not come across a single person who has spoken of there being anything unsafe about making your Android buzz constantly.

The only real threat to you or your smartphone is the depleting effect that constant vibration has on your Android phone. It uses a heck of a lot of battery to make a phone vibrate continuously, and so you may find your smartphone’s battery drained or dead sooner than you would otherwise. Just something to bear in mind.

How do I make my Android phone stop vibrating constantly?

If your Android phone is vibrating continuously by accident, or without you making it do so, then it’s a surefire sign that there’s something wrong with the phone. Most commonly, the issue stems from a problem with the charger, charging port, or the connection between them. In order to fix this issue, therefore, it’s the charging port you have to examine first.

If your Android smartphone is vibrating continuously and you can’t make it stop using one of the manual methods described above, then the first thing to do is remove the charging cable from the charger port and turn the phone off completely. Once the phone’s off, clean out the charging port and ensure it is free of all debris (such as pocket lint, dust, fluff, and hair).

Next, do the same for the charging cable, ensuring its active end is clean and free of debris. Once done, turn your Android phone back on and cycle once fully through its Alert modes (Silent, Vibrate, Loud). If the issue has not by this point been resolved, then we recommend you speak to a professional, or take your phone into a local repairs store.

Does this method also work on iPhones to make them vibrate continuously?

Yes, the two methods described above also work on iPhones. However, the iPhone vibration motor is a little more restrictive than the motors inside Android phones, and so you may notice some difference in terms of the options open to you with an iPhone, when compared to an Android. Furthermore, the app you use to turn your phone into a vibrator may be different on the Google Play Store when compared to the Apple App Store. 

We wrote a whole article on how to make your iPhone vibrate continuously, so if you’re keen to learn about the methods used on iPhones instead of Androids, we suggest you go check it out!