How To Make Spotify Louder On Android

Perhaps you’ve been frustrated by Android’s in-built safety measures regarding playback volume. Perhaps you’ve overcome those but still find Spotify too quiet. Whatever your reasons, in order to make Spotify louder on Android all you have to do is follow our tutorials below.

For any additional information, or if you have any further queries, please direct your attention to the FAQs at the end of this article.

How to increase your phone’s volume past the in-built barrier (Android)

  1. Open Spotify on your Android device and log into your Spotify account if necessary
  2. Begin playing some music or a podcast – anything you like, just to test the sound.
  3. Next, begin increasing the volume of the music by tapping or holding the Volume Up button on the side of your device
  4. If you are playing through speakers or headphones, you’ll likely encounter a problem at this point, in that your phone is blocking you from increasing the volume any higher than about 75%
  5. To get around this, check your phone’s screen (if there’s no message there immediately, press the Volume Up button again) – you should see a message warning you of the dangers of exposing yourself to loud noise for prolonged periods of time, what you want to do here is to tap ‘OK’ on the message
  6. Having done so, the barrier to increasing your phone’s volume has been temporarily removed. Continue pressing Volume Up until you reach your desired playback volume.

Note: You may have to repeat this process on a regular basis.

How to make Spotify louder via the Spotify volume settings (Android)

  1. Open Spotify on your Android device and log into your Spotify account if necessary
  2. Tap the Home icon in the bottom-left of your screen, then tap the Settings icon (cog/gear-shaped) in the top-right
  3. From the settings menu, scroll down to ‘Volume level’
    1. If ‘Volume level’ is greyed out, first toggle ‘Normalize volume’ (just above ‘Volume level’) to ON
  4. Tap the level next to ‘Volume level’ (either Quiet, Normal, or Loud), and select ‘Loud’ to make Spotify louder on your Android device

Note: Increasing the Volume level settings this way can impair quality of playback

And there you have it! It’s as easy as that to alter Spotify’s volume settings and overcome the in-built Android OS volume controller, thus ensuring you can rock out on Spotify as loud as you want! If you’ve any further queries or are curious to read any more on the subject, please do direct your attention to our FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

Does Android stop you from playing Spotify loudly?

One of the built-in features of some versions of the Android operating system is that you are warned against increasing the playback volume past a certain point. What Android does is, when you’re clicking the Volume Up button on the side of your phone, it will actually stop the button from having any effect once you’ve increased volume to about 75% loudness.

The reason Android does this – frustrating though it might be – is to protect you and your ears from exposure to music which might hurt or actually damage your eardrums and your ability to hear, if said exposure is too long and too loud. Android just wants to make you stop and think about your decision to continue increasing the volume.

There is unfortunately no way to turn this off in the Android settings menu. Instead, you’ll just have to contend with it each time it happens (which may be often, if connecting to different devices, or using Spotify a lot). However, thankfully it can be quickly overridden, just by tapping ‘OK’ on the warning message which pops up on-screen.

Why would I want to change the volume settings in Spotify on Android?

Whilst you may have overcome the initial volume increase barrier which Android throws at you, there’s always the chance you’re still finding the playback volume of Spotify too quiet. 

In today’s fast-paced, urban world – with cars speeding constantly by, construction workers drilling and hammering across the landscape, trains trundling along their tracks – sometimes even having your earphones or speaker’s volume turned right up isn’t enough to ensure you can hear your music or podcast above the tumult.

There is, thankfully, an option left open to you – to change the actual volume settings within the Spotify app itself. There are three settings – Loud, Normal, and Quiet. Whilst we recommend that you keep these settings on ‘Normal’ as much as possible, you may well feel the need to increase them to ‘Loud’ to beat the humdrum of your morning commute.

If I change volume settings in Spotify are they changed permanently?

No, you can always change them back. However, once you’ve changed the volume settings and exited out of the settings menu, those settings will be applied until you next decide to change them, even if you open and close the app several times.

If you’re ever listening to your favorite artist or podcaster on Spotify and think there’s something not quite right with the levels or volume of what you’re listening to, it’s always worthwhile checking out the volume settings, just to make sure you haven’t forgotten to change them back to ‘Normal’ after the last time you played around with them.

Are there any drawbacks to changing the Spotify volume settings?

Yes, and Spotify makes them very clear. In ‘Normal’ or ‘Quiet’ mode, the quality of the playback in Spotify remains as high as you’ve set it, with no compromise to quality for sound. However, if you change the volume settings to ‘Loud’, Spotify will warn you that doing so may compromise the quality of the music/content.

It’s the same with almost anything, really. Turn your TV, record or CD player, or anything else on your phone up loud enough and you’ll notice that, whilst it is definitely louder, the various levels and layers of complexity which comprise the piece have been compressed and have sort of bled together to form a fuzzier playback. 

You must simply ask yourself the question: do you need to make Spotify louder on your Android phone more or less than you desire good quality playback/streaming?