How to Make Someone an Admin on A Facebook Group

Facebook continues to be a popular social media platform and for many, the page and group features are its greatest advantages. You can for example have small private groups for friends and family, where you can share parts of your life less publicly whilst still keeping in touch with those you love. Groups are also practical for people who need to share information with one another and stay in touch, such as study groups and carpools, etc. 

One of the most popular types of group though is where people come together due to a shared hobby, lifestyle or activist view. This includes topics such as art, diets, pet care, and more. The advantage of this is that you can see and discuss topics with strangers that are of interest to you. This can both help open your horizons and give you the opportunity to ask questions and receive support in your various endeavors. 

The larger the group however the more likely it is that posts and discussions will require some moderation to keep things civil as feelings can often become heightened when people are passionate about the topic. Other reasons admins and moderators are required is to help keep the group focused and on mission as many people try to use groups as advertising platforms or simply troll certain topics. 

Large groups require many admins and moderators, luckily giving someone privileges is simple. Once you’ve vetted the person and believe that they are suitable for your group simply follow the steps outlined below. 

What is the Difference Between an Admin and a Moderator? 

This is very important to know as admins have many more privileges than moderators and can make significant changes to the group such as changing the name, cover photo, remove other admins. See the table below to understand the differences. We recommend keeping the number of admins low and increasing the number of moderators. If you need more admins then choose someone who has been moderating your group successfully for some time. 

Facebook clarify the differences between Admins and Moderators with this table

Giving Someone a Role Step by Step 

The process for making someone an admin on a web browser and smartphone is relatively similar. 

  1. Navigate to your group page 
  2. Select “Members” 
  3. Scroll until you see the person you want to make an Admin (you can also search for them)
  4. Select the … menu next to their name (this can also be denoted by “more”)
  5. Select Make Admin
  6. You may need to enter your password once you’ve made the selection
On a browser select members on the top bar once you’ve found the group, then click … menu, select the appropriate role for the member 

As you can see from the image you have several other options from the … menu as a page member. These include muting, removing, and turning on post approval e.g. if the member’s posts often require moderating. 

We hope this article has helped clarify this and that you now can add new admins and moderators to your group to help distribute the workload.