How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

Formerly known as ‘cactus green’, the green dye in Minecraft is only one of a large variety of different colored dyes you could create in the game. However, the process for making this specific color might actually differ from the standard dye-making procedure; instead of the usual crafting table, you will have to utilize a furnace.

If you want to start crafting your own green dyes in Minecraft and learn some ways you could utilize it, then here is a detailed guide describing how you can achieve just that:

Step 1: Finding and collecting a cactus

If your goal is to craft a green dye, you will first have to find a cactus plant in the wild. You can do so by searching through the Mesa or Desert biomes.

Once you’ve located a cactus, you’ll then have to break it into smaller pieces, which will scatter on the ground. Collect them quickly, and the cactus block will then appear in the hotbar.

Step 2: Loading the furnace menu

In order to craft your own green dye, you will first have to open your furnace. This will then display the necessary furnace menu on your screen.

Step 3: Adding some necessary fuel

Now, you will have to put some fuel into your furnace, in order to make it functional. You can do so by placing it in the lower box.

Although the specific fuel you choose doesn’t actually matter, coal is usually the most popular option.

Step 4: Creating your green dye

Once the fuel has been placed, you will now have to place a cactus block into the upper box. Then, flames will start to appear, thus cooking your material.

After the process has finished, your new green dye will then finally show up in the third (right) box.

Step 5: Storing the green dye

The final step of the process is to simply transfer your newly made green dye into your inventory.

Utilizing your green dye

There are many different ways you could utilize your dyes in Minecraft. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Stain different materials and items, like leather, glass, armor, etc.
  • Apply it to a sheep in order to dye its wool, ultimately creating green wool blocks.
  • Combine it with gunpowder in order to make a firework star.
  • Change the color of your tamed wolf’s collar.
  • Decorate your banners with patterns, or dye water and shulkers green.

And there you have it; by completing a couple of simple steps, you can easily craft your own green dyes in Minecraft, and use it however you wish, whether it’s for aesthetic or practical purposes.