How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

While fireworks don’t actually have any practical uses in Minecraft, you still have the option of making them to your own liking, for some special, celebratory occasions, or just for the fun of it. Apart from the most basic of firework displays, you could also make a number of different, more unique fireworks in Minecraft, just by combining a couple of additional special materials.

No matter which type of display you opt for, here is how you can make your own fireworks in Minecraft:

Making the most basic fireworks

In order to make the most basic of fireworks in Minecraft, all you need is to put 1 gunpowder and 1 paper piece into the Crafting Table. Keep in mind that the exact assortment of these materials doesn’t actually matter.

However, you also have the option of making your basic fireworks a bit bigger and longer-lasting, just by adding some more gunpowder into the Crafting Table. You can use up to 3 gunpowder pieces at a time.

Making custom and more advanced fireworks

You also have the ability to craft a bit more intricate fireworks in Minecraft with a few additional ingredients. Here are some options:

  • Firework stars – In order to craft a firework star, simply combine one gunpowder with any dye of your choice in the Crafting Table. After the star is crafted, create your fireworks by mixing it with gunpowder and paper in the Crafting Table. When your firework explodes, it will then show the color of the specific dye you chose.
  • Special effects – If you want to make your Minecraft fireworks look a bit more unique, you could also use some specific materials to create a special effect when the fireworks explode. For instance, gold nuggets will allow the fireworks to explode in the shape of a star, diamonds will provide your fireworks an effect of a trail, while glowstone dust will allow your fireworks to sparkle. Regardless of which effect you opt for, the process is still the same – just combine the corresponding material with gunpowder and paper in the Crafting Table.

Shooting fireworks

Once you’ve crafted the fireworks to your liking, with the chosen colors and effects, the next step would be to shoot them. In order to do this, just point to the sky, and then select the firework in your inventory to let it go off.

While the process of crafting fireworks in Minecraft might be a bit more complicated than necessary, this guide will hopefully allow you to make your own fireworks for a beautiful display.