How To Make Charcoal In Minecraft

You just started playing Minecraft. It’s getting dark. You definitely need torches. Or you want to smelt some Iron for better tools or a sword to fight off the monster at night? You need charcoal! But how do you make charcoal? Read below to learn how to make charcoal in Minecraft!

How To Make Charcoal in Minecraft?

You need a furnace

In order to make a furnace, you need x8 Cobblestone and a Crafting Table. Put x8 Cobblestones in the Crafting Table and just leave the middle center slot blank. See the furnace recipe in the picture below.

Now you have a furnace. Place it wherever you find comfortable!

Add wooden logs to the furnace

After you place your furnace – open it. Put a wooden log, which is obtainable from a tree, on the top section in the furnace. See how in the picture below.

Add fuel to the furnace

Now, put an object to smelt it within the bottom section. In our case, you can put there everything, that is considered as fuel in Minecraft. For example, you can put there other wooden logs, wooden planks, a bucket with lava, etc. NB. A bucket of lava will smelt 100 blocks!

Smelting has started!

Since you put the fuel and the item you want to smelt in the furnace, it will automatically start to smelt. In our case, the Wooden log will be smelt into Charcoal. Wait until the arrow has finished and at full. Be careful with the fuel! If you placed only x1 fuel and the flames between the top slot and the bottom slot of the furnace go down and disappear, your smelting will stop.

Collect your Charcoal!

Collect the Charcoal by left-clicking and dragging it at a preferred slot in your inventory or just right-click and it will automatically place it in the first free sloth in your inventory.


Now, that you have charcoal, you can craft torches and smelt better materials to fight off the monsters at night!

Enjoy exploring the endless world of Minecraft!