How to Make a Split Screen (Two Videos Side by Side) Video in Windows Movie Maker

Even though it’s a relatively old program that hasn’t been offered by Microsoft in quite a while, many people around the globe are still using Windows Movie Maker to edit their videos, as it offers plenty of options, features, and interesting effects. Unfortunately, the split-screen is not one of those options.

However, that’s not to say that you can’t still split the screen and put two video clips next to each other when using Movie Maker. Here’s a quick guide that might help:

Step 1: Preparing your video clips

In order to make your split-screen video work better and look more aesthetically pleasing, it might be wise to ensure you have the right video clips. Keep in mind that high-quality videos that are in a portrait orientation might be the best option.

Step 2: Downloading a plugin

Considering the fact that Movie Maker doesn’t have a native split-screen feature, you will need to download a third-party plugin such as Rehansplit in order to split the screen in this program.

To do this, simply visit the website of the relevant plugin, download the necessary executive file, and run it on your computer. Then, simply follow the provided instructions to ensure it’s properly installed.

Step 3: Importing video clips

Next, you will need to open the Movie Maker folder on your computer, and then load the Shared file. Here, make a new file that is called ‘addon.tfx’. Press on OK, followed by Extract.

Then, press the Import tab in the Move Maker menu bar in order to import the video clips you would like to include in your split-screen movie.

Step 4: Placing the video clips

Now, simply drag and drop your imported videos down to the timeline. Make sure that your clips are positioned in the right way in order to achieve the optimal result (the video clips in the timeline will be in the same order as the finished product).

Step 5: Making your split-screen video

Once the video clips have been properly placed, it’s now time to make your split-screen effect. To do this, press the Edit Movie tab on the left, and then select the View video transitions option. Here, simply choose the split type you would like to include in your movie.

Finally, just drag your chosen effect between the video clips in the timeline to create your split-screen. Don’t forget to preview the movie before exporting it, to ensure the end product will be optimal.

And that’s it! With the help of third-party software and some additional steps, you can effortlessly create split-screen videos, even in Windows Movie Maker.