How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Minecraft is an incredibly popular and beloved game that provides its players with a wide array of different items, materials, and tools, all of which allow them to create and customize their own beautiful worlds. One of these handy tools is a fishing rod, which is not only quite helpful when it comes to catching fish, but can also be utilized in other practical ways.

If you want to learn how to make your own fishing in Minecraft, as well as some other uses of this beneficial tool, then just keep on reading.

Creating a fishing rod

To craft your own fishing rods in the game, simply follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Obtaining necessary materials

In order to create 1 fishing rod, you will need 2 pieces of string and 3 sticks.

If you don’t already have these materials, keep in mind that string can be obtained by killing a spider, while sticks can be crafted using 2 wood planks of any kind.

Step 2: Utilizing the crafting table

Once you’ve obtained all the necessary materials, the next step would be to start creating a fishing rod. You can start by opening your crafting table.

Here, you will have to place all of your materials into the grid, making sure to adhere to the correct order. Simply copy this exact arrangement:

  • In the first horizontal line, the first two boxes should be empty, and 1 stick needs to be put inside the third box.
  • In the second horizontal line, the 1st box needs to be empty, the 2nd box should have 1 stick put in it, and the 3rd box should have 1 string inside.
  • In the third horizontal line, the 1st box needs to contain 1 stick, the 2nd box should be empty, and the 3rd box should have 1 string inside.

After the table has been filled in correctly, the newly made fishing rod will then show up in the field on the right.

Step 3: Saving your fishing rod

Now that you’ve successfully created your own fishing rod, all that’s left to do is to transfer it down into your inventory. You can then start utilizing it however you wish.

Using a fishing rod

Fishing rods can be utilized in several different ways in Minecraft. One of the most popular uses, of course, is to cast them into water for fishing. This will allow the player to obtain things like fish, junk, or even treasure items if they’re lucky.

However, the use of fishing rods can be extended even further, as they can be utilized as fuel in furnaces, or even used to hook and reel in different items, mobs, or even entities.

And that’s it! In just three simple steps, you can create your own fishing rod in Minecraft, and then utilize it however you wish, using this wonderful guide above.