How To Load A Bostitch Stapler Gun

Bostitch are one of the largest and oldest staple gun manufacturers the world over. They’ve been producing and innovating stapler guns since 1896, and today produce a wide range of stapler guns from light duty handheld tools, to heavy duty pneumatic machines. 

To learn how to load a Bostitch stapler gun, read our step-by-step tutorials below. We recommend you do so with the stapler gun in front of you, so that you can see which parts of your gun we are referring to in our guides. 

For all other information, or if you have further questions, please see our FAQ section at the end of this article.

How to load a Light or Medium Duty Bostitch stapler gun

  1. Unplug your staple gun, or ensure that it is turned off (provided it is pneumatic)
  2. Locate the top arm of your staple gun; it should be located above the metal carrying tray. Hold this top arm in one hand, and the bottom of the gun in your other hand.
    1. Top Tip: You may find instructions from Bostitch on how to handle and load your staple gun on this top arm.
  3. Holding the top arm, pull it upwards to open the hinge; this hinge holds your staple gun above the carry tray.
  4. Pull the arm all the way back until you have fully exposed the carry tray; make sure that the carry tray is free of debris and spent staples
  5. Insert your sleeve of replacement staples into the carry tray with the legs (pointy bits) face down
  6. Lastly, close the staple gun by lowering the top arm back over the carry tray and allowing the hinge to pull it down. Push it all the way down.
  7. Test your Bostitch stapler gun to make sure that it has loaded correctly and is working

How to load a Heavy Duty Bostitch stapler gun

  1. Unplug your staple gun, or ensure that it is turned off (provided it is pneumatic)
  2. Find the “follow block” cradled beneath the stapler gun’s arm, toward the rear of your Bostitch staple gun’s base. You should also find a release clip for the follow block here.
  3. Push the release clip in; at the same time, pull the follow block out of the gun
  4. The Bostitch Heavy Duty staple gun’s magazine should now be exposed; make sure it is clean and free of debris and spent staples
  5. Insert a sleeve of your replacement Heavy Duty staples into your Bostitch staple gun’s magazine, making sure that their legs (pointy bits) are face down
  6. Reinsert the follow block and push it back in until it clicks
  7. Plug your Bostitch stapler gun back in, or turn it back on (if pneumatic) and test your stapler gun to make sure it is loaded correctly and works properly

And there you have it! Two easy-to-follow tutorials teaching you how to reload Bostitch stapler guns, from Light to Heavy Duty. If you still have questions, or would like more information, please direct your attention to our FAQs below.


What is a Bostitch stapler gun?

Bostitch was founded over one hundred years ago, back in 1896. Originally, Bostitch was known as the Boston Wire Stitch Company, and specialized in sewing machines. However, over the years they began to produce desktop staplers too. Today, Bostitch manufactures some of the world’s leading and most reliable staplers.

‘Bostitch stapler gun’ may refer to any one of three different types of handheld staplers: a light, medium, or heavy-duty stapler. These may be manual (requiring only a pull of the trigger to staple), or pneumatic (attached via cable to a wall socket or battery pack, using electrical current to staple with greater power). 

Are Bostitch stapler guns safe and easy to use?

Bostitch stapler guns are extremely easy to use, however due to their high-powered nature, they can be dangerous if mishandled or misused. You should always seek professional help or advice if you are unsure how to safely use a Bostitch stapler gun.

When loading a Bostitch stapler gun with a new load or cartridge of staples, it is imperative that you first disconnect the stapler gun from the wall socket, if it is plugged in (typically pneumatic staplers only). Alternatively, if your stapler gun operates via an attached battery pack, remove this and turn the gun off before reloading.

Can Bostitch stapler guns jam?

As with any stapler, Bostitich stapler guns – though some of the most trustworthy stapler guns in the world – can still jam. If your Bostitch stapler gun jams, disconnect it from its power source (if it has one), and ensure it is turned off. Remove the good stapler cartridge and set it to one side. 

Next, using a pair of steel pliers, take hold of the jammed staple(s) and gently pull them free. Reload the stapler (as described in our tutorials above) with the good cartridge, turn your gun back on after reattaching it to its power source, and staple away!

Do all Bostitch staplers load the same way?

Bostitch manufactures a wide variety of stapler guns, and as such, not all of them load the same way. Having said that, thankfully most ‘Light’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Heavy Duty’ Bostitch stapler guns will have the same reloading mechanisms as all the other guns in their respective category.

To learn how to effectively and efficiently load a Bostitch stapler gun, please refer to our step-by-step tutorials above.