How to Know if Your TV Has Bluetooth

A handy technology that’s been in widespread use for years, if not decades, Bluetooth is also an available feature on many smart TV sets. Giving you the opportunity to effortlessly connect any headphones, speakers, or other smart devices without the need for additional wires, Bluetooth can be an incredibly useful option to have on your TV.

However, how can you find out whether your smart TV actually supports Bluetooth when you’re not sure? Here is a quick guide that might help:

How to look for Bluetooth

In case your TV originally came in a package with a smart remote, chances are it does have Bluetooth capabilities, as most smart remote controls utilize this technology to connect with the TV.

However, if you’re not currently using the original remote, or you’re not sure how exactly your remote control works, you could always take a look at your TV’s settings section as well. To do this, simply press the Help or Home button on your remote, and then select the Settings option. Here, you will most likely find Bluetooth under the ‘Connections’ or ‘Output’ sections of the menu.

If you haven’t managed to locate the Bluetooth options in your settings, you could also look at the user manual that came with your TV. Any Bluetooth capabilities should be listed here, along with any explanations for setting up and using Bluetooth on your smart TV.

Alternatively, you also have the option of searching for the answer to your question on the internet, either by visiting your TV manufacturer’s website, or simply by googling a phrase such as ‘Does [TV brand and model] have Bluetooth’.

What to do if you don’t have Bluetooth

In case you’ve realized that your TV doesn’t actually support Bluetooth, but you still need this capability in order to connect other devices to your television, you always have the option of purchasing a Bluetooth adapter. They connect to your TV via cable, and provide similar wireless opportunities as if you have Bluetooth built into your TV.

And that’s it! Hopefully, one of the solutions mentioned above will have allowed you to find out whether your TV actually supports Bluetooth, or even given you the ability to find an alternative if it doesn’t.