How to install Anaconda on Mac

Anaconda is one of the most innovative machine learning and Python data science tools.  It comes with other tools embedded like Spyder, Jupyter Notebook, RStudio amongst other.In this article, we provide the steps involved in installing the Anaconda Distribution of Python on your Mac OS computer. While many versions of Mac OS comes with inbuilt legacy Python, the Anaconda distribution of Python comes with more flexibility and permissions. Asides from that, you can also installed other packages using Anaconda.The following steps would help you from downloading to the complete installation of Anaconda on your Mac OS machine.

Step 1: Open the link to the anaconda downloads page:

Step 2: Choose Mac OS option and download the graphical installer. After downloading it, you will get a message of thanks. There is no need to enter any information at this point; its optional. You can just close the window.

Step 6: Click on “Continue” to continue. You would also get the option to install Anaconda with PyCharm IDE or without it; you can click on “Continue” to install Anaconda without PyCharm. If you need PyCharm, then you can get it.
Step 7: A Prompt displays notifying you of a successful installation of the Anaconda distribution.
Post-anaconda installation, you can confirm your installation by launching the Anaconda Navigator. To do so, open terminal and type “Anaconda”, then select Anaconda Navigator from the results that display. If it launches, then congratulations! You have successfully installed Anaconda on your Mac OS machine! Otherwise, you may have missed a step above and should visit the Anaconda help page.