How To Insert Bullets In The Gmail App

When creating a significant email, there might be occasions when you need to make the text more prominent by bolding it, while at times when you need to italicize something to show significance. Likewise, there may arise a need to insert bullets for sending an easy to scan text. While using Gmail from a browser may be a simple job, due to the availability of a toolbar for that very reason.

However, when sending mails through the Gmail App, it gets a bit of a hassle taking into account that Gmail developers went for a moderate, shortsighted interface, where one cannot discover a formatting toolbar anywhere in the application.

The alternatives for bullet points numbered lists, and so on – the ones that can be seen at the bottom of the app normally vanish when you hit compose and begin composing an email in Gmail App. One way can be to open the Gmail application on an iPad with a third-party keyboard when you reply to an email and perceive how you go.

1. Press compose

2. Select the capital A

3. Pop up for bullets will show up

Adding Bullets in the Gmail Application On Android

You can utilize designing choices to fix changes, add bullet points, change your textual style, feature or strikethrough text, and more on the Android Gmail application. Here is the secret:

1: Launch the Gmail application on the android gadget.

2: Below towards the right side is an option, press Compose.

3: Write up the message that needs to be sent.

4: Click the content twice that needs to be in bullets.

5: Click Format, after that, pick an alternative like adding bullets.

Adding Bullets in the Gmail Application On iPhone/ iPad

1: Launch the Gmail Application on the iPhone or iPad.

2: Below the display, click the Compose option on the right.

3: Write up the email that needs to be sent.

4: Click the content twice that is required to be bulleted.

5: From all the alternatives choose to add bullets.

Email is inalienably somewhat of a hassle. Furthermore, even though Google’s Gmail administration is usually wonderful to utilize, it positively has some opportunities to get better — particularly on the mobile front.

Overall, with no guarantees so frequently the case with Google products, what you see isn’t altogether what you get. The Gmail Android application has some widely-helpful unknown links you have probably never seen hiding underneath its exterior — not entirely apparent features that can make the application email experience all the more remarkable, proficient, and viable.

Prior to whatever else, it is vital to turn on Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

1: Click the setting option on the upper corner towards the right of Gmail.

2: Below the “General” label, discover and choose the “Keyboard shortcuts.”

3: Press Save Changes mentioned below the page.

4: Return to the Settings, press the “Labs” section, discover “Custom keyboard shortcuts” and hit Enable.

Step 5: Again go to the end of the page to press Save Changes.

When the Gmail keyboard shortcuts are authorized, they can be tested easily.

The Most Effective Method To Change List Type

1: On the PC, open a file or presentation in Gmail.

2: Select a bullet or number.

3: At the top of the display, press Format and then bullets and numbering.

4: Select any bullet form required:

  • List alternatives: To have a custom bullet, click more bullets.
  • Numbered list
  • Bulleted list

Instructions To Change List Color

1: On the PC, open a document or presentation in Gmail.

2: Select a bullet or number.

3: Click the option Text-color text from the toolbar.

4: Choose any preferred color.

Shortcut Tip

To insert a bullet point, Click Command and Shift, and then hit 8.

At this point, there is no need to endure exhausting email formats when utilizing the Gmail application. Even though you will not locate any advanced designing choices, these necessary additions like bullet points go far to assist you with forming more messages that are engaging.