How to Get Struck by Lightning in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a wonderful open-world adventure that allows players to explore all of the wonders of life on the sea, as well as the mysteries that hide behind the horizon. And even though lightning strikes might sound like something you should avoid, even within the game itself, it can be an essential aspect for players who wish to collect all lanterns, as being killed by a hit of lightning allows you to collect the coveted white lantern.

To that end, you could follow this helpful guide below if you wish to ensure an in-game death by infamous lightning:

How to get hit within the game

Although being hit by a strike of lightning is quite a rare occasion in this game, it’s not impossible with some preparation and thoughtful planning.

Firstly, you need to realize that lightning strikes could only occur in storms, meaning you’ll need to be in the middle of one when attempting to get struck. However, storms generally have quite random patterns, so you might need to wait for that desirable lightning for a while. It’s also important to remember that storms never dive into Devil’s Roar, so you shouldn’t expect to be struck in that area.

Essentially, once you start an SoT session, all you truly have to do is sail right into a storm. Your main goal should be to reach as far into the eye of the storm as you possibly can, in order to achieve the best outcome. Considering the fact that any storm could significantly damage your vessel as well, you might want to set sail alone, instead of cruising with your crew.

In an effort to die of a lightning hit in a simpler manner, you can try to drop your health level as much as possible beforehand. You could achieve this by climbing onto your mast, all the way up to the crow’s nest, and then jumping back down onto the ship deck. Just ensure you’ve modified the height of your fall, in an effort to remain on low health, instead of dying. The main idea behind this strategy is to have a health level which is low enough for only one lightning hit to be able to finish you off, making it that much easier to reach your achievement.

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually raise the odds of attracting or encountering lightning; neither placing yourself higher nor wielding a metal sword will help. All you can truly do is remain on the deck of your vessel, and wait patiently until lightning finally manages to strike you.

And that’s it! Even though getting hit by a bolt of lightning is a bit time-consuming and difficult to achieve in Sea of Thieves, it’s evidently still possible with a bit of patience, and thoughtful planning.