How To Get Elytra? (With Pictures)

Would it be nice if you could spread your wings in Minecraft and explore all those interesting places fast and scout everything from above? What If we told you, that there is a way. Do you want to learn how to get Elytra in Minecraft? Read this article to learn how!

How to get Elytra in Minecraft?

There is a way to get Elytra to fly in Minecraft, but it is not going to be very easy. You should prepare yourself for some adventure. It’s important to tell you, that the Elytra wings are not considered for flying. They are for gliding. But fear not! Flying in Minecraft is possible, just read this article if you want to learn how! If you follow the steps below, you can learn how to get the Elytra pair of wings and use the skies in Minecraft in your favor! Follow the steps below!

  • You need to go to the End World.

The first step is to go to the End. 

You need to locate an End Portal in order to be able to travel to the End world. End Portals are really hard to find and it’s impossible to randomly find the portal. The portal is located in Stronghold, which is deep underground. To find it, you need an Eye of Ender, which is craftable.

  • Enter the End Portal & defeat the Ender Dragon!

After you enter the End portal, a health bar will appear at the top of your screen. This means, that the Ender Dragon is alive and it needs to be slain! Find the dragon and defeat it! 

Read our guide on how to defeat the Ender Dragon.

  • After you defeated the dragon – enter the End Gateway!

Once you defeat the dragon, you will be granted access to the End City through the End Gateway. The End Gateway is shown in the picture below.

  • Find a End Ship!

When you enter the End Gateway, you will be taken to the End City. There is a possibility to find Elytra wings there, but it is 100% sure, that you will find them on the ship. We recommend to head directly to the ship and save time. The End Ship is located above the End City. Sometimes it might be above next to the End City.

  • Find the ship’s treasure room!

The Elytra wings always spawn inside of the End Ship, within the hull of the ship, where the treasure room is. The Elytra wings are sitting inside of an item frame, between 2 small chests guarded by a Shulker. Defeat the Shulker, and collect your wings! Equip them in the chest slot and glide in any direction you want! Just don’t fly directly into objects. No need to say, that it will do damage to you.


Now, that you can fly, you can explore every realm in Minecraft way faster! However, be careful with the Nether… you don’t want to fall in the lava and lose your wings. We recommend learning to fly correctly, as it is so much fun! Read how to fly with the Elytra wings in this article. Enjoy exploring the endless world of Minecraft with greater speed from above!