How to Get a Top Fan Badge on Facebook

If you often scroll though popular Facebook Groups and Pages, then you might have noticed a small jewel icon with the Top Fan legend gracing the posts of certain commenters. This unique feature is Facebook’s way of letting brands, businesses and other Group/Page owners know who their “top fans” are.

If you want to know what a Top Fan badge is, and how exactly you can get one, then read on to find out more.

What is a Top Fan badge?

Facebook has recently rolled out a number of different badges that are available to Facebook Groups, such as Conversation Starter, Link Curator and Rising Star, for instance, although the Top Fan and Valued Commenter badges were among the first ones to appear.

As its name clearly suggests, the Top Fan badge is awarded to the followers who are the most active and the most engaged on a certain Facebook Page or Group.

The people who qualify for a Top Fan badge will have the opportunity to add the badge to their name when interacting with a Group’s or Page’s content, and they will also be listed in the Community tab of the page as a Top Fan.

How can you get a Top Fan badge?

Although Facebook hasn’t clearly stated how they award Top Fan badges, one thing is for certain; you can only become eligible for this badge by quite actively engaging with the content of a certain Group or Page. This means watching the posted videos, commenting frequently on posts, as well as liking and sharing posts on a regular basis.

However, keep in mind that there are some conditions. The Group or Page that can qualify for awarding badges has to have over 10,000 followers, meaning that you can only acquire a Top Fan badge in a larger group. What’s more, the page itself also needs to have the Facebook badges features enabled in order for this to work.

How can you award Top Fan badges?

If you’re an owner of a Facebook Page or Group, you can allow your followers to display different badges, including Top Fan.

To do this, simply click the Settings tab from your page, and then select Facebook badges. Here, just make sure that the slider next to Turn on top fan badges is set to On.

Facebook will now automatically select your Top Fans when they reach the required amount of engagement.

How can you remove Top Fan badges?

If you’re an owner of a Facebook Page or Group, and you want to remove the Top Fan privilege from someone at any point, then simply click on that Top Fan’s comment, and select the Remove Badge option.

Alternatively, you can also go to the Community section on the left-hand side of your page. Here, you can find the person you want to remove the badge from, click the three dots next to their name, and then select Remove Top Fan Badge.

And that’s it! Whether you’re an avid Page follower or even a Facebook Group owner, you can easily acquire, allow and remove Top Fan badges, without much effort.