How to format texts on WhatsApp

Have you come across those bold messages from some group members and felt like someone just stole the show or the just felt like making you chat with your lover more informal by italicizing your chat? Some people even correct others online by striking through their comments. Well, you are not alone, many people have wondered how to go about it too. It is funny to know that some people feel WhatsApp does not have such a feature. Umm… it does, and in this post, you will learn how to do it.

Bold Texts

This is typically used to gain the attention of readers. To do this, add an asterisk before and after the comment you wish to bolden. For example: “I love *science* and so should you!” The output for the somewhat correct comment just made would be: I love science and so should you!

Italicize Texts

Many sometimes want to have their digital writings feel a bit human. Not the rigid Times New Roman, they want something like calligraphy or at least italics. To do this in WhatsApp, use the underscores. For example: “We should just be _Martians_, that way we would evade global warming.” The output for the comment above would be: We should just be Martians, that way we would evade global warming.

A WhatsApp feature for All of the Above including Strikethrough & Monospace

Just highlight the portion of text you wish to strikethrough, bolden, italicize or change to monospace font. Then click on “select all” from the small prompt bar that would show up. Another prompt bar would show up, click on the “BIU” option. Then you would choose what you want to do with your text, whether bolden, italicize, and so on. Easy right? Yes, its is that easy and quick to do, so it would not add any frictions to your chat.

All of these work on any recent version of WhatsApp, and for iOS and Android. Just try yours and enjoy chatting with the flexibility of styles.