How to Follow Someone on Spotify

Spotify’s only social feature is the ability to follow people and artists. When you follow someone, you can see what they’re listening to (if they have the feature turned on) in your Friend’s feed. You will be notified about new releases.

This might help you keep up with artists you love and find new music you might enjoy if the people you follow have similar tastes to yourself. People are not notified or made aware that you follow them however they can see a list of followers in the mobile app. If you follow someone’s playlist, they won’t see your profile, however, they can know how many people follow a specific list of theirs.

Spotify also links you with concerts of artists you love and so you can learn about upcoming events this way.

Tired of an artist? You can just as easily unfollow them. Read below for how to follow people on Spotify.

Following People on the Mobile App

Just follow these easy steps to find and follow your friends on Spotify.

  1. Open the Spotify app
  2. Log in, once you’ve entered your credentials you should see three symbols at the bottom of the screen (see picture below). Click on Search (magnifying glass symbol)
  3. Search for your friend’s username (hopefully they have used their real name, or you will have to ask…)

  4. If your friend has a common name you may need to scroll down to “See All Profiles” and tap it
  5. A page with all profiles with that name will appear, scroll until you find your friend’s profile and click on it

  6. Under their profile picture is a “Follow” button -> tap here (see photo)
  7. The statement should change to “Following

Following People in the Spotify Desktop Application

This is again very easy to do and is a similar process to the one described above. Just launch the Spotify Application or log in on your web browser and follow the steps:

  1. Click on Search (magnifying glass symbol) located in the top left corner of your screen
  2. Search for the person or group you want to follow
  3. Scroll down to “See All Profiles” if the artist or person you are seeking isn’t immediately visible -> click it
  4. A page with all profiles will appear, scroll until you find the person you want to follow
  5. Under their profile picture is a “Follow” button -> Click it
  6. The statement should change to “Following

Unfollowing Someone on Spotify

If you find that it is time to move on from a Spotify following, be it due to growing apart from a type of music or changing tastes compared to a friend’s then you can easily unfollow them. You can do this on the mobile app, desktop app, or web browser.

You need to navigate to the profile you wish to unfollow, using the steps above then hit the Following button under their profile picture. It should change back to Follow once you have done this, and you will no longer be following them. This means you won’t see their public ongoing listening and that you will not be notified if they add new music.