How To Fly In Minecraft

Would it be nice if you could fly in Minecraft? Explore all those places really fast and see everything from above? Or attack your enemies with surprise attacks from the sky? What if we told you, that there is a way. Do you want to learn to fly in Minecraft? Read below and learn how to fly in Minecraft!

How To Fly in Minecraft?

There is a way to fly in Minecraft, but it is not considered as flying. It is more like gliding. However, if you use fireworks, you can fly as long as you like! If you follow the steps below, you can learn how to use the skies in Minecraft in your favor! Follow the steps below!

You need to find an End Ship

In order to fly, you need to find an End Ship. Usually, the End Ships can be found above an End City. We would suggest to make your “Render Distance” to maximum, in order for you to see the ships. They spawn about 1000 blocks away from each other so it’s really just a matter of luck and time. The End Ship is made out of purpur blocks and End stone bricks, with obsidian floors.

Look for chest and item frame with Elytra

On the ship, you will find chests and item frames. In order to get the Elytra from the item frame, you can break the item frame with a left-click. That way, the Elytra will fall from the frame.

Equip the Elytra

You need to equip the Elytra in order to benefit the wings. Put the Elytra in your chest slot. Press “E” to open the inventory and left-click the Elytra and place it in the chest slot or right-click the Elytra if your chest slot is free.


Craft fireworks!


Since you equipped the Elytra, now you can almost fly. Why almost fly? Because the Elytra’s benefit from equipping it is that it lets you glide. However, we want to fly. In order to fly, you need to craft fireworks. Why fireworks? Elytra lets you glide and if you have a big amount of fireworks in your inventory, you can literally fly! Get yourself some paper and gunpowder. See the picture below for the firework recipe!

Be careful with the fireworks! Don’t add color to your fireworks (Firework Stars), because it will explode and will deal serious damage and hurt you. After you crafted the fireworks, put them in your hot bar and hold them! Right after you glide and you feel that you are starting to slow down – right-click and shoot a firework! This way you will propel forward faster from the firework rocket.

Fly in Minecraft!

Congratulations, you just learned how to fly with Elytra in Minecraft! Try not to glide directly into an object or you will hurt yourself.


Now, that you can fly, you can explore every single realm in Minecraft way faster! We recommend learning to attack from the skies, as it is so much fun! Enjoy exploring the endless world of Minecraft with greater speed!