How To Fix The Sonos Error 1101

While you update the Sonos application, you can come across many errors. These errors can be a lot irritating and take a lot of time to get fixed. One of the most commonly faced errors in the 1101 error. This can slow down the updating process causing a hard time for you to get access to the Sonos server.

Before fixing the error:

Before targeting the actual error, one can try a few steps out for debugging the errors that you’re facing. If these steps don’t work, you can then pass to the step by step guide mentioned below. Let’s jump on to the ways to try out before fixing the error.

  1. Start the update all over again
  2. Restart your router
  3. Try rebooting the Sonos devices
  4. Get closer to your modem or router

1. Start the update again:

Cancel the ongoing update and try to start the update again. This can be updated without any error this time. You can also try any other (if you have) Sonos app for the update.

2. Restart your router:

Remove the power cord of the device and plug it back in after 10 to 15 seconds; doing this can revive your update process smoothly.

3. Rebooting all devices:

Reboot your Sonos devices by giving them a little bit of rest for about 10 seconds. Unplug the cords and wait for a good 10 seconds to let them recover. After 10 seconds, restart the Sonos update and see if it works.

4. Get closer to the WiFi:

Weak internet signals can also cause errors during the Sonos update. Connect to stronger WiFi or get as close to the router as possible to catch strong internet signals.

If you manage to fix the 1101 error through these steps, kudos to you!

But in case none of this works, don’t worry. You just have to take these steps to a further level to fix your Sonos 1101 error. Here is a complete “How-To” on fixing the Sonos 1101 error.

Rebooting your internet devices:

All of your internet gadgets-that are connected to update your Sonos system need to be rebooted first. Unplug your router, modem, wireless extends, and network switches and leave them untouched for like 10 seconds, and then plug them again.

Rebooting the Sonos devices:

After the internet devices, do the same to the Sonos products at your place. Unplug the Sonos devices from the main power and plug them in again.

Revive the Sonos apps:

Depending on the device you’re using your Sonos app on, so close the app and try opening it after a while.

In case your thinking about how to close the app on different devices here is a quick look;

  • Windows PC -> Clicking in the cross (X) at the top right of the bar.
  • Mac -> Dropping down the menu and quitting the app.
  • Android devices -> Swiping up from the bottom and then letting go after a while.
  • IOS devices -> Double tapping on the home button and then let go. Now swipe up on the Sonos app.

A quick tip: On an iOS or Android device, turn the wifi off now again on, connect to the wifi and retry updating.

Ensure a secure connection:

Sometimes the cable commented to your Sonos device, and the other may loosen, causing errors. Look for your Ethernet cable and make sure it’s connected firmly on both sides. If necessary, you can take it out and plug it back again firmly into the port.

Finally, after going through all these steps, turn on your Sonos app again and try downloading the server again. Hopefully, it won’t show any errors too. Follow the aforementioned steps and enjoy an error-free and hassle-free Sonos server update.