How To Fix The Sonos Error 1002

Is your Sonos speaker giving you error 1002? There might be some reasons that are causing that error. I will tell you how to fix the Sonos error 1002. But before that, you need to learn some basic technical things that will help you in the future or the next time when you encounter an error of this kind. So, the first is to find out why we get this error 1002!

There might be more than one reason, depending on the situation. Either the error is due to the firewall that is blocking its Sonos to work, or there might be an internet connection or power connection between the playlist device and the speaker. Make sure that you have a proper internet connection and both the devices and powered on.

And no firewall is blocking Sonos functionality. These are the things you should know and try to make sure that you do not forget any of these things while we are working on this error 1002.

Let us now begin on how to fix the error. As this error has many root causes, we will try fixing one at a time.

Check your internet connection

First, make sure you have a strong and working internet connection because more often Sonos encounters error 1002 due to limited internet connection or no internet connectivity. Working on the internet connectivity may help us solve the Sonos error 1002. Sometimes we do have an internet connection, but it is not a reliable one due to which we have disturbance in the latency that disturbs the connectivity between the devices. By checking the internet and making sure it’s full functionality, we may fix this error 1002.

Make sure all devices are on and connected

Make sure all the devices including Sonos, Wi-Fi router, computer (having music playlist) are powered on and are in strong connection with each other. Sometimes low internet signals are the reason, and also sometimes we don’t even know if all the connected devices are power on. When one device malfunctions, it results in a system failure that gives us the error 1002. So, if we make sure that all devices are powered on, we may fix this error, and we may avoid it in the future.

Check your firewall configuration

If you still have any luck fixing the error, we can try working on the firewall as well. We have to allow access for Sonos to fix this error. For doing first, make sure that your computer is connected to a private network. I don’t here’s how you can do that, go to settings > Network and internet > Status and select Change connection properties and set your network as Private.

After that, Go to Windows security > Firewall and network protection, now click on allow an app through the firewall. Make sure that the Sonos controller and Sonos library service are both checked in the private column. And now we have fixed the error 1002.

I hope this guide will help you in fixing the Sonos 1002 error.