How To Find Your Amazon Store Card Number

Amazon, the world’s online (and now physical) retail giant, now offers its customers branded credit cards, with which they can buy anything from or from one of its high-street stores. These ‘Amazon Store cards’ use credit provided by Synchrony which customers must then pay off, plus interest. 

If you want to learn how to find out your Amazon Store card number, just follow our step-by-step tutorial below. For all other information, or if you have further questions, please check out our FAQ section at the end of this article.

How to find your Amazon Store card number

  1. Open up your preferred web browser on your preferred browsing device, and navigate to the Synchrony-Amazon account log-in page, found here:
  2. Enter your login credentials to enter the site, meaning your User ID and password
    1. Note: Your Synchrony User ID may differ from your User ID. Remember, you can always hit “I forgot my User ID or Password” if you need to recover either (or both!)
  3. Once into the Synchrony-Amazon account user site, locate and click on ‘Account Settings’ or ‘Edit My Account Settings’
  4. On the next and following pages, you should be able to find the number attached to your Synchrony-provided Amazon Store credit card
    1. Note: You should also be able to find the information you have saved on Synchrony for the cards/bank accounts (including those credit cards’ numbers) you use to pay off your Amazon Store card(s)

Bonus Tip: In order to access this information faster in future, consider “linking” your Amazon and Synchrony accounts via the same Synchrony page as discussed above, in order to view basic information about your Amazon Store card directly in in future.

And that’s all there is to it! Just follow our tutorial above to figure out your Amazon Store card number. For all other information, or if you have further questions, see our FAQs below.


What is an Amazon Store card?

Amazon Store Card

Amazon is the world’s largest corporation, and is fast monopolizing (for better or worse) many of the world’s most prominent financial sectors, including: online retail, high-street retail, client-hosting, TV and movie streaming, data-marketing and selling, and more. 

As part of Amazon’s global takeover, they have in recent years issued what is known as an ‘Amazon Store Card’. The card works like any other credit card does, with one major exception: it can only be used where Amazon Pay is accepted, which is mostly limited to itself, and the newly-opened physical Amazon stores, of which there are now a few in the US, and (at the time of writing) one (1) in the UK. 

You can use an Amazon Store Card to purchase almost anything you like on the Amazon website and in Amazon stores, and at a few select venues which allow you to pay using ‘Amazon Pay’. However, you must remember that it is still a credit card which needs to be paid off, and for which you will be charged interest at a steep rate, especially if you miss payments.

Why would I need to know my Amazon Store card number?

You might need to (or just wish to) know your Amazon Store card number for any number of reasons; all of which are most likely the same reasons you’d want to know your credit card number. You may need it in order to make changes to your account, to pay for something online, to write down so you have it handy for next time.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to know your Amazon Store card number, you’re going to have to go through Amazon’s partnered bank Synchrony, in order to do it. Just follow our step-by-step instructions above in order to learn how.

What is Synchrony?

If you have an Amazon Store card, then you’ve probably already heard of Synchrony, but we don’t blame you if you’re skeptical or unsure about this third-party you’ve been directed towards and want to double-check who they are.

Synchrony is a consumer financial services company and online bank, founded way back during the Great Depression, when it was formed by GE Capital to provide broke customers a line of store credit in order to buy GE appliances. 

Today, they operate in much the same way, and are the world’s largest banking and financial servicing institution in terms of offering partnership credit cards. In other words, they produce and provide branded credit cards to stores such as Amazon, Lowe’s, Guitar Center and GAP. 

These cards are then used by customers to run up debt purchasing branded goods from said store(s), which the customers then have to pay off by paying back the loan to Synchrony, plus interest. This is how Synchrony makes its money.