How To Find The Calculator in Windows 10

While many functions remain unchanged in different windows versions, you might come across some odd situations where you find it tricky to locate a specific application. Microsoft made several changes building their Windows 10 platform and switched places of several applications from their usual locations. One of the most common applications used by people is the calculator application. So how do you find the calculator on Windows 10?

To solve your problem, we have found five ways to locate the calculator application on Windows 10. This article provides a detailed step by step procedure for finding the calculator using five different methods.

Five ways to find the calculator application in Windows 10

1. The search function

One of the most convenient ways of finding files and applications on a windows device is to locate them using the search function. The search bar rests at the bottom left of your computer screen, just beside the Start Menu. You can search the calculator application by entering the characters. The AI built-in into the system will probably detect what you are looking for and show you relevant results.

Steps to find the calculator application by the search function

  • Move your cursor and click on the search box
  • Input C and look for relevant results
  • Locate the calculator application
  • Move your cursor and select the calculator application

Once you’ve done that, you should probably see the calculator application pop-up on your computer screen.

Note: Some systems have many files and applications starting with the letter “C.” It would be best to type in some extra characters to reduce the search result and find the calculator application.

2. The Start Menu

By default, the Windows operating system lists all the essential applications and software in the Start Menu. So if you want to access an application, the Start Menu is the best place to locate your desired apps. The Start Menu categorizes everything in alphabetical form, and so the Calculator application rests under the C tab.

Here are the steps to find the calculator from the Start Menu:

  • Move your cursor to the bottom left of your computer screen and click the Windows logo
  • Scroll down to the C tab and locate the calculator app
  • Click on the calculator app to open the application

Additionally, you can also open the Start Menu from your keyboard. The Windows logo key on your keyboard below the Z key is a keyboard shortcut to open the Start Menu.

3. The Run Prompt

The Windows keyboard comes with various combinations and shortcuts to open different apps or perform other functions. The Run Prompt is one of them, which can be initiated by pressing the Windows key + R together. This combination of keys opens the Run Prompt, where you can find or browse files, programs, internet resources, and applications. You can use this Run box to open the calculator application.

Steps to open the calculator application using the Run Prompt include:

  • Press the Windows key + R together
  • Type calc in the text box
  • Hit the enter key or move your cursor and click the ok button

4. The Command Prompt

The Windows operating system comes with a command-line interpreter that you can use to execute commands. You can use it to perform tasks, such as troubleshooting or solve issues. One of its functions includes locating apps and programs, and so you can use it to find the calculator application. You can open the Command Prompt using the keyboard shortcut or by right-clicking on the Start Menu.

After opening the Command Prompt, you will get a black box to type commands and execute them.

Steps to open the calculator application include:

  • Open the Command Prompt using the keyboard or right-clicking on the Start Menu
  • Type calc on the Command Prompt box
  • Hit enter to open the calculator application

5. The Windows PowerShell

Windows introduced cross-platform configuration management and task automation framework that consists of a scripting language and command-line shell. In other words, it is a framework similar to the task manager. You can use it to perform various tasks, including launching the calculator application.

Here are the steps to open the calculator application using Windows PowerShell.

  • Right-click on the Start Menu and open Windows PowerShell
  • Input calc.exe in the command box
  • Hit enter to open the calculator