How To Find End Cities? (With Pictures)

Do you want to find end cities easily in survival mode? What if we told you, that there is a way which is not only to turn your render distance to maximum? Do you want to learn how to find End cities with ease in Minecraft? Read this article to learn how!

How to find End cities in Minecraft?

If you decide to go and look for End cities in Minecraft survival, you may end up spending a couple of hours without even finding one. You need proper preparation for this adventure. If you follow the steps below, you can learn how to find End cities very easy! Follow the steps below!

  • Kill the Ender Dragon.

Yes. You need to kill the dragon. This is the very first step. Before dealing with the dragon, make sure that you are well prepared for the fight – food, potions, building blocks, weaponry, enchants, etc. You can read this guide on how to kill the Ender Dragon!

  • Build a platform.

After you killed the Ender Dragon, build a small platform – 2 blocks above the ground. It can be something like 4×4. When you built the platform – start a fight with some endermen and kill them under the platform. The goal is to farm some stacks of ender pearls. You’ll see why later!

  • After you defeated the dragon – enter the End Gateway!

Once you defeat the dragon, you will be granted access to the End City through the End Gateway. The End Gateway is shown in the picture below. The getaway is a small floating structure from bedrock (around 25 blocks above the ground) with x1 block of end portal in the middle spawned near the edge of the dragon island. When you find it – build stairs to it, so you can access it easily.

Warning! Before entering the gateway, make sure that you have everything you need for the adventure – food, potions, building blocks, weapons & enchants (same stuff you needed for the dragon-slaying).

  • Start exploring!

When you enter the End Gateway, you will be teleported to one of the outer isles under a similar structure. Write down the coordinates! You can very easily get lost and while there are more of these scattered around, they are way scarce.

Use ender pearls to skip between isles, bridge wider gaps. Try to get “Chorus Fruit” if you run out of food. Beware – just do it away from edges of isles, it’s quite dangerous food. In case you ran out of Ender pearls – repeat step #2 to farm some more stacks.

Tips & Tricks

End cities appear in lines similarly to Nether Fortresses, but on the east-west axis, so travel north/south or diagonal (away from spawn though, or you’ll be stopped by the Great Void). Maximum render distance and look for the End cities.

If you find an End City with a floating boat by it, raid the boat for the Elytra wings. Go back to the portal structure, ender pearl back to the central island, then return to the overworld. 

Apply Unbreaking and Mending enchant to your Elytra wings, craft a lot of firework rockets, and go back to search for more End cities, East or West from the one you found, this time from the air! This is where it really becomes easy once you can cover 1000 blocks in 10 seconds.


Now, that you killed the dragon, found an end city, an end ship, and Elytra wings – you can fly and search for more End cities faster! However, be careful with the wings, you should train your flying, before using them in the End realm. Learn how to fly with the Elytra wings in this article.

Enjoy exploring the world of Minecraft!