How To Find A Delta Shower Faucet Model Number

Delta Faucet has been manufacturing some of the most innovative plumbing fixtures (including faucets, taps, and shower heads) for almost 100 years. Today, they produce hundreds, if not thousands, of different shower faucets for your home and bathroom. 

If ever you need a replacement part for a Delta Faucet fixture, you’re going to first need the specific model number for the specific fixture you have at home. To learn how to find a Delta shower faucet model number, follow our step-by-step tutorial below. For all other questions and information, see our FAQ section toward the bottom of the page.

How to find a Delta shower faucet model number (Method #1)

  1. Locate the original packaging and/or instruction manual for your Delta shower faucet
  2. Printed on the box and under the name of the product on the manual you will find your model number
  3. The model number is a simple numerical digit between 3 and 6 numbers long
  4. With your Delta faucet model number, you can now order the spare parts you need from Delta’s website!

How to find a Delta shower faucet model number (Method #2)

  1. If you don’t have the original packaging or the instruction manual, then open up your preferred web browser and navigate to Delta’s website
  2. Next, locate and click on the menu tab labeled ‘Service & Parts’
  3. Next, click on ‘Find Parts and Identify Product’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Product Identifier’ and click on ‘Bath’
  5. Next, click on ‘Showering Product’
  6. At this point, you will have to answer the following questions on the Product Identifier according to the specific shower faucet you have at home
  7. Once you’ve answered all of the Product Identifier’s questions, you will be presented with a few different products. Click on the one which looks most like the shower faucet you have from Delta
  8. Finally, you will be taken to the produce page where you will easily find the model number
  9. With your Delta faucet model number, you can now order the spare parts you need from Delta’s website!

And there you have it! Even if you’ve misplaced or thrown out your Delta shower faucet’s original packaging and instruction manual, you can still find its specific model number using our tried and tested method, as described above.

For all other information, or if you have further questions, please see our FAQs below.


Why would I need to find my Delta shower faucet model number?

Delta Faucet produces some of the world’s most trusted faucets and shower heads. With your Delta shower faucet model number, you can contact your local Delta supplier and order up replacement parts for your specific make and model of Delta Faucet shower. Without this model number, you’d either have to guess, or buy non-brand parts which, though they may fit okay, will not look or work as your previously whole Delta shower did.

Are all Delta shower faucet model numbers located in the same place?

Yes, all Delta shower faucet model numbers are printed on the packaging, the box, and the instruction manual which came with the original Delta shower faucet parts. They are not ever, unfortunately, printed on the parts themselves. Thus, if you’ve lost or thrown out the original packaging and the instruction manual, you will have to resort to semi-guess work on the Delta website (as described above) in order to find your model number.

Are all Delta Faucet model numbers the same?

No, each Delta Faucet model has its own unique model number, as this allows you and the people at Delta Faucet to quickly and efficiently identify the exact make and model of shower faucet you own. Knowing your Delta Faucet shower faucet model number, you can quickly get a replacement part so that you or your local plumber can fix your faulty shower as soon as possible.

What are Delta showers?

Delta Faucet is a well-known American manufacturer of faucets, thus is a popular brand choice for those looking to renovate and outfit their kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms with taps, showers, and baths. 

Delta Faucet as a company aims to innovate their products constantly, in order to provide homeowners with the most modern, efficient, and useful types of faucets. They are also water-conscious, and so design their products to use as little water as possible (whilst remaining as efficient as possible) during use.

Are Delta showers better than other shower models?

It’s not our place to say whether Delta Faucet makes better showers than other shower manufacturers. What we can say is that from studying their website, their faucets, taps, and shower heads are all extremely modern-looking, sleekly designed, and attractive.

We also like the fact that they aim to minimize water wastage in the design of their shower heads and various faucets, which is of course crucial in our day and age, given the finite quantity of fresh water available to humanity, and the water crises facing many people around the globe.