How to Edit Your WhatsApp Profile Picture

WhatsApp has risen in status over the past few years to become one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms. It allows you to have private and group conversations, which are all encrypted (although the company was recently acquired by Facebook, the encryption element should still be in place).

You can share photos, videos, voice memos which a lot of people prefer to talking over the phone especially if in a semi-busy environment.

Naturally, as with all messaging platforms these days you can set a profile picture for your WhatsApp account. As with all profile photos, we find ourselves needing an updated one occasionally. In this article, we’ll discuss the criteria for choosing a good profile photo depending on how you use your WhatsApp account, and guide you step-by-step in setting up your new photo on the app.

How to Choose a WhatsApp Profile Photo

This might seem like a no-brainer, just use a photo of yourself that you like. However, there might be a few things to consider. Firstly, if you only use WhatsApp to be in touch with close friends and family, then of course choosing a nice photo of yourself is a good option. In some cases, your team at work may have a group, then you certainly don’t want an unprofessional-looking photo depending on your workplace culture.

Many people use WhatsApp to interact with a variety of people in groups however, for example, there are groups for new mothers, support groups for people with certain types of illness, or groups for those who share a hobby. In these cases, your profile picture will be publicly visible, and you may want to limit what you show potential strangers. In these cases, you can choose a photo of you where you are not in focus, or maybe a favorite avatar from a film, or cartoon you enjoy.

Remember that you can also change your profile name, so if you only interact with strangers on WhatsApp then it may be wise not to your full given name.

If you are running part of your business over WhatsApp, then using your business logo or a picture of what your business is about might be a good option e.g., if you make bespoke wedding cakes use one of your creations as your photo! It’ll encourage new customers as they interact with you.

Changing Your Profile Photo Step by Step

Once you’ve picked your picture, you’re ready to change your profile photo, just follow these simple steps and check out the photos below if you need a visual aid.

  1. Open the WhatsApp application
  2. Click on Settings (cogwheel icon) in the bottom right corner
  3. Click on your name or photo to open your profile
  4. Under your profile photo there is a small edit button -> click it
  5. Your photo will open, on the top right corner select edit
  6. Then select Choose Photo if you want a photo from your camera Roll or Take Photo if you want to take a snap
  7. Once you’ve selected the photo follow the prompts on the screen to set it
Once you’ve selected setting tap edit under your picture, then select edit in the next frame, finally choose a photo or take a photo

There you have it, photo hopefully edited to your liking.