This Is How You Edit Or Delete Comments On Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms for sharing personal content and building communities, and its comment section can be a wonderful way to achieve anything from paying someone a compliment to sharing your opinion on an important topic. But what happens when you realize you’ve made a mistake, and want to edit a comment you’ve posted? Whether it’s a comment on your own post or someone else’s, the process for changing it is quite simple, although not exactly straightforward.

Removing a comment on the Instagram app

Unlike many social media platforms today, Instagram, unfortunately, doesn’t allow you to edit a comment that’s already posted. Instead, you will need to delete your comment, rewrite it, and then post it again, following these simple steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device, and locate the post you left your comment on.
  2. Press the Speech Bubble icon underneath the post, and find your comment in the comment section.
  3. Next, tap your comment once if you’re using an Android device, or swipe left on the comment if you’re using an iPhone.
  4. Now, you will see two symbols appear against a blue or red background, depending on your device, one of which is a white Trash Can
  5. To delete your comment, simply tap the Trash Can A red banner will now appear at the top of the screen confirming your action; you can press this banner if you want to undo the deletion.

Note: If you are deleting a comment on your own post, keep in mind that you could also remove other people’s comments, as well as your own, in the same manner.

  1. To post a revised comment, press the text bubble at the bottom of the screen, and enter your new text. Once you’re done writing the comment, tap Post, and your new comment will be published.

Removing a comment on the Instagram website

Removing a comment is slightly different when using the Instagram website, but it’s still quite a simple process. Here’s how to delete and repost comments on desktop:

  1. On a laptop or desktop computer, go to com using your preferred browser. If you’re not already logged in, enter your username/e-mail/phone number, and password.
  2. Find the post, as well as the comment you’d like to remove.
  3. Hover the cursor over your comment, and then click on the three dots that appear next to it.
  4. Then, a new window will appear on your screen showing three possible actions: Report, Delete and Cancel. Press Delete.
  5. To post a revised comment, simply click the text bubble saying Add a comment… and type in the new text. Once you’ve finished writing the comment, click Post, and your new comment will be published.

How to edit captions on Instagram

Even though you can’t exactly edit a comment you posted on Instagram, the app does allow you to edit the captions you made on your own posts. To edit your captions, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Scroll through your posts, and open the photo or video of which you’d like the change the caption.
  2. Tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner above the post, and then press Edit.

  3. Revise your caption, and change it however you like.

Note: At this step, you could also edit the location, tags, as well as add alt text (a description of the photo for visually impaired people).

  1. When you’ve finished editing your caption, just press Done (the blue tick in the upper-right corner above the post). The revised caption will now be saved.

Although it does require a few extra steps compared to the ease of comment editing on other social media platforms, deleting and reposting a comment on Instagram is still a quick and easy process anyone can do in a matter of minutes.