How To Download Netflix Shows On A Google Chromebook

Downloading movies or episodes of your favourite program from Netflix onto your Google Chromebook is really straightforward, and doing so can ensure that you’ve always got something to watch on those long family road trips, on long haul flights for business trips, or in the event of a blackout/power outage.

To learn how to do so, simply follow the few simple steps below. For any other queries or information, see the FAQs at the end of this article.

Note: For this, you will of course have to have a Netflix account which you own, or have the express permission of the owner to use, and which you know the login details for.

How to download Netflix shows/movies on a Google Chromebook

  1. Open the Netflix app on your Chromebook (or download and install it first from the Google Play Store), and sign in to your account if prompted
  2. Next, you’re going to want to find a show or movie which you are allowed to download. Since not everything is available to download on Netflix, you may find it useful to tap the ‘Downloads’ icon in the bottom taskbar of the app (in the centre), and from there select ‘Find Something to Download’. You’ll be directed to a page full of everything there is on Netflix for you to download. (Downloadable content will be noticeable by the Download icon to the right of it once you’ve clicked on its thumbnail)
  3. Once you’ve located the episode or film you wish to download, tap the ‘Download’ icon (downward pointing arrow underline) to the right of the episode/film description
  4. Your device will begin downloading your chosen content. Once it has finished the download, your content will be available to watch offline. You can find it via the Downloads page in the Netflix app (the button for which is located bottom-centre)

And there you have it! It’s a super simple, in-built function of the Netflix app for Google Chromebooks, and is destined to make your streaming life easier and more enjoyable, especially in any situation in which you don’t have ready access to an internet connection!

For additional questions and information, see our FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Google Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop, PC, or tablet which runs the Linux-based Chrome Operating System (OS). Chromebooks mostly work using the Google Chrome browser to complete whichever tasks you might normally complete offline, on a regular PC/desktop or tablet. Most of the applications and data run or produced on a Chromebook are stored and backed-up in Google’s cloud, rather than on the device itself, meaning that users typically find their devices have minimal built-in storage space, and will need to have access to WiFi or some other form of internet connection in order to access and engage with the full functionality of their Chromebook.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the world’s first worldwide TV and Film streaming service, and as such, is still one of the most used, though Disney, Amazon, NOW TV, and others have all since added their names to the burgeoning list of similar streaming services. Via the Netflix app, you can watch a massive range of movies and TV shows which Netflix have made available in your country. You can search through available titles by category, by recommendation, or even sort them into your own personal watch list, which you can return to at any time to see what you saved for watching later. Netflix is not free to use, and must be accessed via a subscription, though certain tiers of subscription do offer the ability to use the same account over many devices, and so you may not personally pay for Netflix, but may have access, say, to a family account which your mother or father pays for.

Why would I want to download Netflix shows/movies onto my Google Chromebook?

Netflix offers its users a unique option – to download episodes of their favourite shows, or even entire movies, onto their device’s local memory, to be accessed on the Netflix app, even when the user is offline. This has so many potential advantages it would be impossible to name them all, but for starters, think about how much boredom this feature could potentially stave during a long family road trip, or on a long haul international flight. Think even of what it might mean for you if your household tends to turn the WiFi router off overnight, or if there happens to be a blackout or power outage.

Can I download anything I like from Netflix?

Not quite anything, no. Pretty much all Netflix Original shows and films will be available for you to download and watch offline, but for anything produced outside of Netflix, and only rented to Netflix, your ability to download it will be dictated by the terms Netflix has agreed with the producers of said show or movie. In terms of how much you can download from Netflix, your device’s storage capabilities are really your only limits. Now, Google Chromebooks typically do not have much internal storage, given they operate largely on the cloud, so you will likely find that you are not able to download and store as much Netflix content on a Chromebook as you would typically be able to on a normal PC or tablet.

Once I’ve downloaded something from Netflix, is it mine to keep?

No, but you’ll have plenty of time to watch it. The show or movie still belongs to Netflix/its production companies, and is only yours to download and watch offline for as long as it is available to watch on Netflix. Netflix typically makes agreements with producers which mean shows and movies are only available to stream for a limited time. As such, your downloads will be removed from your device when and if they are removed from Netflix. In some circumstances, your episodes/movies will only be kept on your device for 48 hours once you first download them (or from when you first press ‘Play’). However, in this scenario, you will likely be able to re-download the show or movie quickly by pressing the (!) icon next to it in the Netflix app, when next online.

How do I remove a downloaded show/movie from Netflix?

Go to your Downloads folder in the Netflix app, and where you see the highlighted ‘downloaded’ icon (downward pointing arrow underlined), just tap this symbol again, and if you’re asked to confirm the removal of the show from your downloads, tap to confirm it.