How to do Square Root on the Windows Calculator?

Unlike the ‘90s, performing complex mathematical operations is now as easy as ABC. With a lot of handy digital calculating devices on the go, the windows calculator is probably the least used calculator these days. Why would someone turn on the PC to do a square root? Well, there are times when the need arises. And you need to know how to use it without having to ask someone else to do your work.

What if you’re working on your laptop and your smartphone is out of your reach, or your digital calculator just toppled on the floor and won’t seem to be working anymore? In that case, knowing how to do a square root on a windows calculator can come in handy.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the easiest way to find the square root of any number on the windows calculator.

What can you do with the Windows calculator?

You would think of the windows calculator as a useless thing that can’t perform many operations besides ordinary addition, subtraction, or division. But, to your surprise, the Microsoft windows calculator is a lot more helpful than you would think.

The four modes, including standard, scientific, programmer, and graphical, allow you to execute dozens of complex functions. With all these modes, the square root is a simple task.

How to square root on the Windows calculator

There is no rocket science involved on how to do a square root on a windows calculator. Here is a step by step guide for you.

  1. Start up your Windows device

Turn on your PC or whatever device you’re using, such as a tablet or laptop. Wait for the device to start correctly.

  1. Look for the Windows calculator

Your Windows OS comes with an in-built calculator. You can look for the calculator icon on your main screen or on your taskbar that lies on the lower part of your screen.

If you don’t find the calculator on the main screen, don’t worry! Click on the search bar and type “Calculator”. You will see the calculator icon appear on the screen.

  1. Open the calculator

Click on the calculator icon to open it.

  1. Doing the Square Root

As soon as your calculator is opened, type the number you want to get square rooted and click on the square root function that appears on the number pad of the calculator.

The square root symbol, by the way, will be a slash with a little tail at the start: √.

Windows calculator square root shortcut

There is also a shortcut available to get the square root of a number a little faster. Type the number in the calculator where you want the square root from. Use the combination of Shift + 2 to get the result.

Doing the step as mentioned earlier will pop up the answer to your square root question on the calculator’s screen. It cannot get any simpler than that, can it?

The steps mentioned above are pretty much the same for all the devices. Just follow these steps, and you are good to go.