How To Disable Incognito Mode On Android

Incognito Mode can be super useful, or detrimental. If it’s the latter (perhaps you’re a parent who doesn’t want their child accessing private browsing, then you’ll want to know how to disable Incognito Mode from Google Chrome on Android.

To learn how to turn off Incognito Mode, and how to disable it, follow our step-by-step tutorials below. For all other information, or if you have further questions, please see our FAQs instead.

How to turn off Incognito Mode following a private browsing session on Android

switch incognito
  1. Whether on Google Chrome or Samsung Internet, once you’re finished with your Incognito Mode private browsing, simply tap the ‘tab switcher’ icon
  2. Next, close all of the currently open Incognito tabs by tapping the crosses on their banners
  3. Finally, tap ‘Turn off Secret Mode’ (Samsung) or ‘Close all Incognito Tabs’ (Chrome), or ‘Close all In Private Tabs’ (Edge)

How to disable Incognito Mode on Google Chrome on a child’s Android phone

  1. On your own Android smartphone, download Google’s Family Link & Digital Wellbeing app
  2. Once installed, open the Family Link app
  3. Next, link your Google account with those of your children by following the directions of the app
  4. Now, with your child’s device, also download Google Family Link and open it
  5. On this version of the app, set up parental controls, which include limiting access on the child’s phone to age appropriate content
    1. Note: You are able to use passwords and codes to block the child from being able to uninstall or otherwise mess with Google Family Link
  6. Having established the Google Family Link parental control settings on your child’s Android phone, using your Android phone as the master hub, Google will automatically disable ‘Incognito Mode’ on your child’s phone

And there you have it! Two different ways to turn off or disable Incognito Mode on Android. For any other information, or if you have any further unanswered questions, simply check out our FAQ section down below.


What is Incognito Mode on Android?

‘Incognito Mode’ on Android is a function exclusive to internet browsing on your phone. It may also be known as ‘Private’ or ‘Secret’ mode, and a similar mode can be entered into when browsing the web from your tablet, computer, or other devices. 

The ability to use Incognito Mode depends solely on the web browser you’re using, as only some (like Google and Samsung Internet) use it. Incognito Mode does not keep a cache of the cookies collected from websites you visit whilst using the mode, nor does it keep a ‘history’ (or otherwise track) your actions/movements on the internet whilst in Incognito Mode.

When you exit out of Incognito Mode, it is as if everything you did, saw, or navigated to whilst in Incognito Mode never happened.

Why would I want to use Incognito Mode on Android?

Incognito Mode on Android can come in super handy for any number of reasons, many of which may also benefit users of devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and so on. The most general and obvious reason why Incognito Mode may benefit you is that you can conceal your internet search history from anyone else who has access to your phone.

You may wish to do so in order to stop someone discovering what gifts you’ve bought them for their birthday, or for Christmas. You may wish to surprise someone else in a similar way, but not want them to catch onto the surprise by accidentally stumbling upon your search history.

Of course, there are plenty of people out there who may also use Incognito Mode to hide search behaviors deemed immoral or inappropriate, or just sheer private, such as in the watching of adult entertainment. It is for the latter that many parents may wish to disable Incognito Mode entirely, to the perceived benefit of their children’s upbringing.

What’s the difference between turning off and disabling Incognito Mode on Android?

Turning off Incognito Mode is as simple as exiting out of a private internet browsing session once finished with whatever it is you’re doing. On the contrary, disabling Incognito Mode on Android refers to a process of blocking its usage by others (or/including yourself) by removing it as an option from your internet browsing app. 

The latter is most often sought out by parents and carers who fear that their children may be using Incognito Mode to hide inappropriate web searches from them – such as watching material intended for persons older than they. 

Thus, you might be here because you need to know how to disable Incognito Mode on Android. If so, just look to follow our simple step-by-step tutorial up above.

Can I reactivate Incognito Mode if I have already disabled it?

Yes, you can always reactivate Incognito Mode after having disabled it. If you deem the need for having Incognito Mode disabled has passed, or you want to be able to disable and enable it on a whim, then you’ll be happy to know that enabling Incognito Mode again is as simple as following the same steps as described above, except remove (rather than apply) the parental controls via Google Family Link.