How To Delete Comments On Instagram

Whether you’ve left an embarrassing comment, or received an offensive one, we’re here to teach you how to delete comments on Instagram.

To learn how, just follow our step-by-step guides below. For any additional information, or if you have any other queries, please see the FAQs at the end of this article.

How to delete comments on Instagram on your smartphone (Android/iOS)

  1. Open up the Instagram app on your mobile device and sign in to your account
  2. Locate the post with the unwanted comment(s) on it
  3. Tap and hold the comment(s) you wish to delete (to select multiple comments for deletion, simply tap each individual comment after highlighting the first)
  4. Finally, tap the ‘Bin/Trash Can’ icon at the top
  5. Repeat as necessary to delete as many comments as you like

How to delete comments on the Instagram website (desktop)

  1. Open up your preferred web browser and navigate to the Instagram website
  2. Next, sign in to your Instagram account
  3. Locate the post with the unwanted comment(s) on it
  4. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the unwanted comment(s)
  5. From the pop-up menu, select ‘Delete’
  6. Repeat as necessary to delete as many comments as you like

And there you have it! It’s a super straightforward process once you get used to it, and will save you a tonne of frustration in future once you’ve mastered the art of deleting comments on Instagram. Happy deleting!

For any additional information, or if you still have unanswered queries, please direct your attention to the FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

Why would I want to delete comments on Instagram?

Instagram is the world’s leading image-sharing social networking platform, used and loved by millions around the globe every day. Liking and commenting on users’ content is one of the premier ways to engage with other users’ content, and a great way to express your support, admiration, surprise, horror, whatever you’re feeling, in fact.

However, sometimes you’ll find that comments posted on your posts are undesirable. Maybe they’re from someone you don’t want to hear from, maybe they’re genuinely offensive, mean, or targeted. Alternatively, perhaps you yourself have posted a comment, whether on your own post(s) or someone else’s, but had not finished typing it, or have come to regret it since sending

Whatever your reasongin, we’re here to help show you exactly how to quickly and expertly delete comments on Instagram.

What happens when I delete comments on Instagram?

When you delete a comment on Instagram, it is permanently gone, and cannot be seen by you or your followers, nor the person whose original post the comment was made on. Of course, if anyone was able to read or see your comment before you deleted it, they’ll still have seen it, no matter what.

If you delete a comment which has since attracted a thread of replies, the replies will not also be deleted, but will rather appear as any other comments would.

What kind of comments can I delete on Instagram?

You can delete any comments you’ve made on any post (yours or someone else’s), as well as any comments made on your own posts. You cannot, however, delete comments on other people’s posts which you yourself did not make.