How to Delete Calendar Events on an iPhone

The calendar app on iPhone is a trustworthy companion through the weeks, months, and years. The ability to sync it with each apple device and on successive devices means you never have to enter a recurring event such as a birthday more than once! Work events, google calendar invites and personal commitments can all be kept in one place, and you can have shared calendars with partners work colleagues or people in your household.

If you are new to iOS however, you might find yourself needing a helping hand with the basic functionalities. Deleting an event is one of those basics, that you simply need the hang of as meetings get cancelled, relationships end and having a constant reminder of things that are behind you can be annoying. Besides it clutters up your calendar.

It’s really easy to delete events whether one offs or recurrent on your iOS calendar app. Below we take you through the process step by step with pictures to ensure your success.

Four Steps to Delete Any Event on Calendar

Step 1: open the calendar app. You can do this by navigating to the app on your screen and tapping it or if you have a messy home screen you can use the iOS search function. To use search drag one finger down across the screen on an unlocked iPhone, a search box will appear, type Calendar (or as many letters as you need for the app the show up on the banner below the search box, then tap the app to open it. 

Step 2: Find the event you want to delete. There are two ways to do this, the first is to navigate to the date of the event. In the example above the gaming event that is to be deleted takes place on the 11th of June. Alternatively, if you know the name of the event and don’t know the date then you can use the search function (purple arrow) and start typing the name of the event. Once you find the event tap it to open the next menu.

Step 3: once you tap the event name a menu appears allowing you to make changes, add alerts and edit the event. You can also delete it from here. The delete option is found at the bottom of the screen – here we show it with a red box and a purple arrow. Tap Delete Event to bring up a final confirmation.

Step 4: Final confirmation. Once you tap delete event, a pop-up will appear for you to confirm your choice. Just tap delete event again and the event will be gone.

NB; if the event you are deleting is a recurrent event you will have the option of deleting one i.e. just the one you’ve chosen or all future events at this point. Choose which suits you best, if a meeting is cancelled only this week, then no need to delete all, but if the meeting is permanently rescheduled for a different day, then it’s probably wise to delete all the recurring events.