How to Delete Apps on an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch may not deliver a great amount of storage space for applications, unlike the iPad or iPhone. Whether it is the music playlist, podcasts, or some other kind of data or content, one has to make sure of being quite precise while mulling storage options on an Apple Watch. The amount of storage of any Apple Watch varies depending on different series. As an example, Series 5 of Apple watch consists of 32GB of storage, but then Series 4 offers only 16GB.

Two things influence the storage: the watch type, timing, and content that is transferred or sync. Getting low on storage on your Apple Watch is something that may occur anytime. An ideal approach to tackle this is to keep a check on the storage space from settings in order to know the leftover available space on it. Not only that, but you can also be guided about the amount of storage taken over by every application, to pick and select or close applications when they are not in use.

The Apple Watch is supplied with certain integrated applications. Most of these applications comprise of activity, which means one can keep a check of their every day, weekly, or monthly goals. These applications are useful yet demand a great amount of storage. Moreover, such default applications cannot be deleted to free up space.

With certain installed applications on the Apple Watch, it is understood that they cannot be removed or deleted, in fact. However, you will discover how to do that below.

2 ways to delete apps from your Apple Watch

Discover the two easy methods for uninstalling or deleting the unwanted applications from your Apple Watch below:

1. Uninstall applications from the Apple Watch using your iPhone

  • Any third-party applications that are installed by yourself can be deleted from the watch through the iPhone. Steps to be followed include:
  • Launch the iOS watch application on the iPhone
  • Go to the left corner at the end of the display to click on My Watch.
  • Scroll below to the “Installed on Apple Watch” list and click the application to be uninstalled.
  • Click the switch beside the Show App on the watch for the grey OFF button.

2. Delete applications from the Apple Watch

  • It is not possible to delete the built-in applications from the iPhone. Therefore, it can be done on the watch itself.
  • In the watch, click the Digital Crown, which opens up an App View.
  • When the ListView opens, slide left on the app that needs to be deleted, presses the red trash switch.
  • Press the jiggle mode to switch it on.
  • On the top of the screen, press X.
  • Then press the Delete App to authorize the process.

How to restore a removed app on your Apple Watch

In case the applications on the watch are deleted mistakenly, there is no need to panic as it can be gained back through the below-given steps:

  1. Launch the Watch app on the iPhone.
  2. Below the display, press the App Store tab on the right. A display will open up to navigate and utilize the App Store on the watch.
  3. Instead of navigating, click the Discover Watch Apps on the iPhone. Here, one can easily access the deleted application and get it back.

Overall, it is mentioned above that how one can make the space available on the Apple Watch. One may easily get it back or remove any application whenever they wish to. It is a simple procedure; therefore, there is no need to worry about losing space anymore.