How to Delete a Profile on Hulu

Hulu is the second most popular streaming service in the US after Netflix. It has brought us wonderful original shows such as the adaptation of Margret Atwood’s The Handmaids Tale and provides many options at a significantly lower price than its main competitor. 

Following the helpful trend of allowing personalized profiles, a primary Hulu account is allowed to create five additional viewer profiles. This allows families, couples, and roommates some privacy and to have personalized recommendations delivered based on their viewing history. 

As life changes so do the people the we’re in touch with, a roommate might move out and be replaced by another, an exchange student staying with your family heads home eventually and although sad couples break up. Having a constant reminder of a past relationship every time you use your Hulu account might be a bummer and in the other instances you might want to use the available profile slot for someone else. 

The good news is, it’s really easy to delete Hulu profiles and reclaim the spot. We’ll discuss how below and what the implications of deleting a profile are. 

Implications of Deleting a Hulu Profile

Once a profile is deleted it cannot be recovered. This is important to remember as it is a relatively final action which will mean that the viewer whose profile it is will never be able to recover their data. For this reason, we suggest that if you are on good terms with the person that you allow them to make some notes of their favorite shows and which episode they were up to for when they can access Hulu next. 

You can edit practically everything about an adult profile apart from the date of birth which you would need to contact Hulu directly to edit, so if it’s a question of a misspelt name this can be easily fixed without losing any data. On Kids’ profiles however you can only edit the name – so your progeny might need a new profile when they become older to allow them to access more content. 

Deleting a Hulu Profile on a Computer 

Start by logging into Hulu! Once you’re logged in follow the steps below to nuke the profile in question out of existence in a few easy steps:

  1. There will be a name visible on the top right of the page: hover over the name with your mouse pointer 
  2. A menu will appear, select Manage Profiles
  3. Select the profile to be deleted
  4. On the right side of the name, there will be a pen icon; Click the pen icon 
  5. In the options that appear, select delete profile 
  6. Confirm your choice 

Et voila, you now have a free slot on your Hulu profiles that you can give to a new user. 

Deleting a Hulu Profile on a Mobile Device 

This is not detailed on the official Hulu help site – a lot of users however have found that you can delete profiles form the app on your mobile device. Check out the details below: 

  1. Open the Hulu app
  2. Tap account in the bottom left corner of the screen
  3. Open your profile by selecting your account name at the top – this will open the profile menu
  4. In the right top corner, there will be an edit button – select this
  5. Open the profile you wish to delete and scroll down to the bottom 
  6. Select Delete Profile 
  7. Confirm your choice 


  • The easiest way to delete user profiles on Hulu is to use the website.
  • You can delete all profiles apart from the one you signed up for the account with – you can edit this one, however. 
  • Once you have deleted a Hulu account the data associated with the account cannot be recovered