How To Delete A Playlist On VLC On Android

VLC for Android is a fantastic music and video player app loved by millions of people all around the world. The app allows you to arrange your favorite albums and individual songs into limitless playlists which are fully-customizable and can enhance the quality of your music listening experience.

Naturally, however, there may come a time when you find that you’ve created one too many VLC playlists on Android, and now your playlist section is too cluttered to be fun or efficient to use. Deletion may be your best and quickest means to remedy the issue.

To learn how to delete a playlist on VLC on Android, follow our super simple step-by-step instructions below. For all other information, or if you have further questions pertaining to VLC media player, check out our FAQs at the end of this article.

How to delete a playlist on VLC on Android

  1. On your Android device, open up the VLC app by tapping on the VLC traffic cone icon
  2. On the VLC app home page, tap the Playlists icon located in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen
  3. Scroll through your list of playlists until you find the one you want to delete
  4. Tap the three vertical dots in the bottom-right of your chosen playlist’s badge
  5. From the pop-up menu, select ‘Delete’ (which should be the last option at the very bottom of the options list)
  6. Deleting a playlist on VLC for Android is a permanent choice. To confirm that you acknowledge this and are happy to proceed with the deletion, tap ‘Delete Forever’ in the pop-up window
  7. You have successfully deleted a playlist on VLC for Android. Repeat as necessary.

That’s all there is to know about deleting playlists on VLC for Android. To find out more about VLC for Android, or answer any further questions you may have, please see our FAQ section below. Thanks for reading!


What is VLC on Android?

VLC is a free, open-source, portable, cross-platform media player app and streaming media server first developed in 1996 in Paris, France, as an academic project looking to utilize the internet for the betterment of humanity, by allowing for the free exchange of content. 

Whilst obviously initially developed as a computer program, these days VLC can be downloaded and used as an app on iOS and Android devices as well. Many millions of users all around the world love VLC for its easy-to-use interface and its lack of attachment to any corporation or brand. 

VLC can be used to play video files as well as music on Android devices, and that music can be cataloged in playlists which here were are instructing you on how to delete. Whilst today music-streaming software and apps such as Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music tend to dominate the market, VLC is one of the most popular music apps for those who prefer to hold their favorite songs, artists, music videos and albums on their phone’s internal or supplementary storage, as they might do on an iPod or mp3 player, for example

Does VLC automatically create playlists on Android?

When you first download, install and open VLC Media Player for Android, you’ll find that the app automatically scans your Android device for any and all relevant media (videos and music), which it then imports and categorizes as is appropriate. 

If you have your music files (.WAV and .mp3) organized on your device into playlists, then yes: VLC will automatically import both the individual songs themselves, and the playlists containing those songs from elsewhere on your device.

However, this is not the only way to listen to your music in playlists on VLC. You can also manually create playlists, add music to them (one song at a time, or in whole albums or other playlists), rename them and share them.

Listening to your music in playlists via the VLC player gives you the customizable means of shaping your music listening experience to fit you best.

Can you recover an accidentally deleted playlist on VLC for Android?

Unfortunately you cannot recover playlists which you delete on VLC for Android. The process of deleting playlists on VLC for Android devices is, as you’ll read in the main article, very simple. However, during the process you will be informed that the process of deleting playlists is permanent. Thus, you should take time to consider whether you really do want to delete a playlist or not before doing so, and should take time to read the warnings fed to you by VLC during the deletion process.

If you delete a playlist on VLC will the songs be deleted from the app too?

No, if you delete a playlist on VLC the songs contained within that playlist will not also be deleted. Only the playlist will be deleted, and the songs will stay where they are as usual in the songs/music section of the VLC app. Similarly, if you delete songs from the VLC app, they will not be deleted from your phone, and can be re-imported to the VLC app for Android at a later date.