How to Delete a Page in Google Docs

Google Docs is a wonderful online word processing tool that not only gives users the opportunity to write, edit and adjust content with ease, but also to store their written Documents in Google Drive, allowing them easy access from any device. This accessibility might be the biggest reason why so many people are switching from Microsoft Word to Google Docs as their primary word processor.

However, when you make a sudden switch from Word to Docs, even the simplest of actions can suddenly become confusing to perform, one of which is deleting unnecessary Pages in a Document. Thankfully, here are three different methods that will help you delete any Page in Google Docs with ease:

Method 1: Highlighting and deleting

This is arguably one of the quickest and easiest methods of removing Pages in Google Docs, whether they are blank or filled with text.

Simply place your cursor at the top of the Page and drag it down to the end of the Page, constantly holding your mouse down. This will highlight the entire Page in blue.

After the entirety of the Page is selected, simply press the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you could also go to Edit > Delete after the Page has been highlighted.

The unwanted Page should now be deleted from your Document.

Note: If you’ve accidentally added a new Page at the end of your Google Doc, you can easily remove it by clicking next to the last character on the previous Page, and then pressing the Delete key.

Method 2: Adjusting the margins

In some instances, an unexpected blank Page can appear in the middle of the Document when the top and bottom margins are too big.

If that is the case with your Google Doc, you can easily change the margins by using the ruler on the left-hand side of the Doc, or by going to Format > Headers and Footers and then manually entering the margin values there.

If oversized margins were the cause of an unexpected blank page, it should disappear once the value is set to the standard margin size (usually 1 inch or 2.54 cm).

Method 3: Removing a Page Break

Another explanation of an unexpected blank Page in the middle of the Document might also be the instance when users unintentionally add Page Breaks into their Document.

If this happened to your Google Doc as well, you can easily remove Page Breaks by highlighting and deleting the empty spaces between two parts of text, as described above.

If Page Breaks were the issue, this should help you instantly get rid of potential blank Pages.

And that’s it; these are some of the simplest and most common ways of removing an unwanted Page in Google Docs. Hopefully, one of the methods described above will allow you to delete unnecessary Pages with ease, and continue working on your Documents without any distractions.