How To Defeat The Ender Dragon? (Pictures)

Do you want to defeat the Ender Dragon in survival mode, without using cheats and exploits? Don’t know how and have no strategies? Do you want to learn how to kill the Ender Dragon like a pro? Read this article to learn how!

How to defeat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

If you decide to go and fight the Ender Dragon without the proper preparation and proper equipment, you will end up dead with losing everything in your inventory and all the XP you’ve collected. You need good preparation for this boss fight. If you follow the steps below, you can learn how to beat the Ender Dragon very easily! Follow the steps below!

  • Destroy the End crystals.

Assuming you are already in the End, facing the Ender Dragon. The very first step in defeating the Ender Dragon is to destroy the End crystals. The crystals heal the dragon. You can do that, by simply farming some snowballs, eggs or have some extra arrows (particularly for that) and shoot them until they blow up. Also, you can use some building blocks and build stairs to them and just “punch” the crystals or slash them with your sword!

  • Craft a powerful bow.

When you are about to face the Ender Dragon, make sure that you craft the best possible bow. Bring a bow with the best Power enchantment with lots of arrows. If you have the Infinity Arrows enchant on your Bow, that will be great, since it will free space in your inventory for other boss fight items.

  • Aim for the head!

The secret for the fast and easy killing of the Ender Dragon is to aim for the head. If you hit the dragon’s head, the damage will be multiplied by 4.
This means, that if you hit its leg for 5 damage, the head will be 20 damage! Shooting the head precisely is hard. However, you can hit the dragon’s head if you make him chase you! When he is flying towards you – have a fully charged arrow and fire it! 

After you hit his head, the dragon will free. Go and chase the monster! (Yes, you read that right!) Chase it, until it goes around to attack you again with its head toward you. Repeat until the Ender Dragon is dead. 

Bonus Tips and Tricks on defeating the Ender Dragon

  • The dragon can smash through all blocks, except Obsidian and End stone. Make sure you have some of those in your inventory when you will fight him.
  • When you enter the End, build a small room out of Obsidian around the portal. Place an ender chest there, if you can, for quick access to particular items.
  • Enchant your boots with “Feather Falling”. If the Dragon hits you, you will be lunged in the air and will take fall damage. If you have this enchant, you won’t receive damage from falling.
  • Enchant a diamond sword with “Fire Aspect” and maximum “Power”. You will need it to kill the endermen around the portal and the dragon.
  • Enchant a diamond chest plate with “Protection IV”.
  • Bring a Pumpkin, if you want to avoid fighting the endermen. If you have Pumpkin as a helmet and you look at them – they won’t attack you!
  • You will need to heal yourself – prepare some Golden Apples, Enchanted Golden Apples, and Potions of Healing. If you have those items in the boss fight, you will be invincible.
  • Have some Ender Pearls. They will help you teleport back in the fight if the dragon knocks you off the edge.