This Is The Best Way To Cut A Watermelon (4 Easy Methods)

Whether you’re making tasty fruit salads or delicious slushies, or even eating this wonderful treat on its own, watermelons are a sweet and juicy fruit that’s ideal refreshment for hot summer days. However, figuring out how to perfectly cut a large watermelon with a thick and hard rind can often be a puzzling process. So, to help you save your fingers while preparing your sweet summer treat, here are some quick and simple ways you can cut a watermelon:

Preparing the watermelon

Regardless of how you wish to cut your watermelon, you should always start the process with these important steps:

  1. Rinsing the watermelon thoroughly – Since anything from residual dirt to bacteria might be left on the watermelon skin, it’s always advised to wash it thoroughly before serving.
  2. Slicing off the ends – Using a sharp chef’s knife or a large serrated knife, slice both ends of watermelon off, on a clean and dry cutting board.
  3. Halving the watermelon – Stand the watermelon on the one cut-off end, and slice it all the way through, lengthwise. This is the first step to cutting everything from triangles to cubes.

Note: Only cut the watermelon right before prepping or serving, as it keeps better in the fridge uncut.

Cutting watermelon into triangles

  1. After the watermelon is halved, place one half on a cutting board rind-side up.
  2. Cut the half down the middle, from one cut end to another, in order to make quarters.
  3. Cut the quartered watermelon into approx. 1-inch slices, in order to make triangles.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

Making watermelon batons

  1. Place one half of the watermelon on a cutting board, rind-side up.
  2. Make vertical cuts along the length of the watermelon, approx. 1 inch in width.
  3. Now, turn the watermelon around, and make cuts along the width of the watermelon at the same intervals (approx. 1 inch) in order to make a grid.
  4. Separate the watermelon into batons, and serve.

Peeling a watermelon

  1. Slice both ends of the watermelon off, and cut it in half, this time crosswise.
  2. Stand the watermelon on a cutting board, on the one cut-off end.
  3. Cut the skin of the watermelon in downwards motions, following the natural shape, to remove parts of the rind.
  4. Rotate the watermelon around, and keep peeling, until all the rind is gone.
  5. Go back and cut away any remaining white parts you might have missed.

Cutting watermelon into cubes

  1. Start with a peeled watermelon.
  2. Cut the watermelon at inch-wide intervals, in order to make slabs.
  3. Stack up a couple of slabs, and then slice them vertically at same intervals, before repeating the process horizontally, in order to make cube-shaped pieces.
  4. Transfer the cubes to a bowl, and repeat the process with the remaining pieces.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

Although there a number of different ways to cut this delicious summer treat, these methods are some of the most popular serving options, which are incredibly easy to do with this simple guide.