How To Crop a Video in Windows Movie Maker

Not everyone likes to watch full videos because life is too short and you don’t necessarily have to wait for the best part of the video. Cropping it might solve your problem and save you time. The primary tool that will fit your cause is Microsoft’s very own Windows Movie Maker. With the basic and user-friendly interface, it will help you instantly trim video files. And cropping with Movie Maker won’t leave a watermark on the final product. This will give a professional touch to your editing skills. Let’s get started on how to crop a video in Windows Movie Maker:

Cropping through Windows Movie Maker can be done by following the 3 necessary steps:

Open/Import file in Windows Movie Maker

Import the video file that you want to crop and edit on the main panel of the WMM. Here you will find out that WMM has fragmented your video into multiple separate frames. That will allow you to select from the frames that you want to remove and crop from your video. So now we are moving to the next step.

Select the Crop tool

Now you have to select the crop tool from the main panel of the window. And then you have to choose the part of the video file that needs to crop out of the original file. That is all for cropping in terms of the time duration of the video file. And there is one more thing remaining, that is adjusting the size and file type. We will be doing that in the next step. Till here it is almost done with our editing.

Check size and review

At this stage, you might check your cropped video file by playing it, making sure that it is what you want. Next is to configure the size of the video if you resize it, or you can skip it and move on. Save the changes and hit “Enter” to save them. You can preview your WMM project on the right side of the screen to thoroughly polish it. And that’s it.

You have cropped a video. Yes! And you have done it without paying any single penny on the video editing premium software. We often neglect the built-in software that comes with Windows by default.

And now you know how to do it, by performing 3 simple steps.