How to Cleanse Crystals

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In addition to being beautiful in jewelry and as ornaments many people believe that crystals have additional health benefits such as protective and healing properties. Some crystals are for example, thought to bring health, help increase confidence or help neutralize negative energies around you. 

The chemical elements in crystals are organized in a regular repeating pattern that is unique to each crystal leading to its specific properties such as transparency, color and crystalline pattern. This is termed the crystal structure. The distance between the molecules in the crystal pattern determines the vibration frequency of the crystal and with that alternative health practitioners believe its associated properties. 

It is thought that negative energies, or intensive work with crystals can interfere with the vibration frequency leading to dulling of the crystal’s properties. To help counteract this many alternative health practitioners advise cleansing crystals and especially those crystals you use often such as in jewelry you wear frequently, keyrings and for some people crystals they keep in their purse or on their person. 

There are a number of ways to cleanse your crystals, and many of these can be enjoyable and beneficial for you as well. Some methods are more suitable to certain crystal types and not others. Whether a method is suitable is associated with chemical and physical properties of the stone. Luckily some methods work unanimously for all crystals. 

We will discuss the most common methods below, and in the end discuss the potential benefits of creating a ritual for yourself with your crystals that can aid you in relaxation and help you focus your intentions. 

Running Water 

Running water is a great method for cleansing your crystals. Just keep in mind that this is not the best option for porous crystals or crystals that are at risk of dissolving. You can find out your own crystal’s properties by searching for it specifically. The running water method is especially beneficial for healing crystals such as amethyst and turquoise. 

You can use tap water or enjoy a walk out into nature and use a running stream or river for this method. Some people believe that rainwater can also be used. 


  1. Hold the crystal under the faucet or in the stream/ in the rain 
  2. Continue for 1-5 minutes until you feel the crystals energy returning to normal 
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Whichever water source you choose, ensure to set positive intentions for cleansing your crystals

Salt Water or Salt Bath 

Salt has been used since ancient times for its healing and purifying properties. If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, then washing your crystals in natural salt water can help remove any negative energy and restore them to their natural relaxed state. You can also dissolve some salt into a bowl to use. Alternatively, you can use a salt bath: This is a bowl of pure salt that you can place your crystal into or onto. 

Please note that this method is not recommended for crystals that may dissolve or those that contain trace minerals as the salt can draw the minerals out of the crystal causing it to lose some of its luster and structure.  

Saltwater method:

  1. Wash your crystal in the sea for 1-5 minutes until you feel the negative energy dissipate 
  2. Rinse with fresh water 
  3. Pat dry 

Salt bath Method:

  1. Place salt in a clean bowl 
  2. Place your crystal on or in the salt
  3. Leave for 4-24 hours (you should check on your crystal regularly) 
  4. Wash with fresh water 
  5. Pat dry 

Natural Light

Natural light is thought to be one of the best and most effective ways to restore your crystals to their natural energy state. Using the rays of the sun and the moon is a beautiful way to help achieve this. Below are the methods for each. 


On a beautiful sunny day: 

  1. Place your crystals outside or in a sunny windowsill 
  2. If you can have plant life nearby this is a bonus 
  3. Leave the crystals outside for 4 hours 

This method is not suitable for crystals that can fade. 


Preferably on a beautiful clear full moon evening:

  1. Place your crystals outside or on a moonlight windowsill 
  2. Leave all night 
  3. Retrieve after 8-12 hours

This method is suitable for all crystals but avoid exposure to rain for crystals fragile to water corrosion. 

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Brown Rice Bath 

This method is suitable for all crystal types. To cleanse your precious stones using rice:

  1. Fill a jar or bowl with brown rice 
  2. Place your crystal inside it 
  3. Leave for 24-48 hours 
  4. Throw the rice our straight away as it will be harboring the negative energy from the crystal 

It is thought that the rice draws out any negative energy and restores the crystal to its natural state. 

Using a Sage Smudge

Sage smudging is popular for cleansing spaces such as your home or garden. You will be pleased to know that you can also use sage smudging to purify your crystals. This method is suitable for all crystals. If you have never used sage smudging, we recommend you research the practice before commencing, here is a basic guide however:

  1. Use a sage smudging stick or burn dried sage in a fireproof bowl 
  2. Hold your crystals in the smoke for 30-60 seconds 
  3. The smoke will remove the negative energy and relax the crystal 

It may be safest to complete this practice outside with water nearby to avoid any accidents. If you are smudging inside, ensure you have water or a fire extinguisher nearby and keep your window open so the negative energy can flow out!

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Sound Bath 

Using a beautiful sound can help your crystals relax their structure and release negative energy. Tibetan singing bowls are a favorite, but a windchime, a nice bell or even singing or playing an instrument to your crystals can work. Feel your way through this. This can be very relaxing and enjoyable for you as well. 10 – 15 minutes of sound bathing should be enough to cleanse most crystals. 

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Note how the practitioner has scattered their crystals, and a cleansing incense around their singing bowls to create a healing atmosphere.

Meditative Intention and Breath Cleansing 

These methods are suitable for all crystals and don’t require any perquisites apart from using your own energy, visualization and intention. 

Meditative Visualization 

  1. Hold the crystal in your hand or hold your hands over the crystal if it is large 
  2. Start focusing on your breath for a couple of minutes 
  3. Once you are focused, start visualizing a bright white light emerging from your palms and fingertips 
  4. Imagine the light enveloping and cleansing your crystal 
  5. Once you feel the energy of the crystal shift toward the more positive you can move on to the next crystal or just sit there and enjoy the positive feeling 
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You can use this visualization technique to cleanse crystals. You can also use it to direct healing energy to parts of your body by placing your palms on the area and seeing the healing light.

Breath Cleansing 

Works best with small crystals you can hold in your hand, uses a method similar to breath of fire in yoga practice.

  1. Hold your crystal to your mouth using your dominant hand 
  2. Take a deep breath in
  3. Breathe on your crystal in sharp short bursts allowing your inhales to be passive
  4. Do this for 30-60 seconds or until you feel the negative energy dissipating

Using Other Stones

Some stones are powerful healers and purifiers. They are able to dissipate negative energy more readily than others. These are often self-cleansing and can help purify the energy of other crystals. There are two predominant methods for this the first one is using very large clusters or slabs of cleansing crystals and the other is using small but powerful cleansing crystals. We will consider both below. 

Using Large Crystals or Cleansing slabs

This might be a suitable option for you if you already own a clear quartz or serenite charging plate. Large clusters of clear quartz and carnelian also work. 

To use this method, place the crystal that requires recharging in or on the cluster/charging plate. Leave it for 12-24 hours. 

Using Smaller Crystals

Large crystals and clusters are rather expensive and can be difficult to obtain. Therefore, another option is to use small crystals of the following, or a mixture of these; clear quartz, serenite, carnelian, and hematite. 

Place the crystal that requires cleansing in a bowl or bag with the pacificating crystals and leave for 12-24 hours. 

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Large clear crystal quartz cluster stone

Healing Cleansing Rituals 

The wonderful thing about crystals is that you can use them any way you see fit, from the alternative healing practices of believing in their supernatural powers to using them as a talisman to remind you of a wish or a commitment you have undertaken for yourself. 

A lot of Healing comes from within us and using tools such as crystals to help can have many spiritual benefits. If you use your crystals as part of jewelry you will be reminded of your intentions every time you see them, and the same if you have a regular meditative practice where you utilize them. 

We recommend having a regular practice where you reset your intentions with your crystals and cleanse them. This will help you clarify your intentions. Your ritual should be uniquely yours, containing elements that are enjoyable and relaxing for you. It can include one or multiple of the methods we discussed above. An example would be enjoying a meditative sound bath in the sun or moonlight.