How to clean your computer or laptop safely

Is there anything that deserves to be dirty? While you may be pondering that one, take it from me that your computer can never make your list if you even have one. You have the health of your computer to be worried about, almost as much as you worry about yours.

From the keyboards that breed bacteria to the screen that gets coated in dust. This is so important that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) prescribe consistent cleaning of the major computer hardware that you touch every day.

Asides from the sweet feeling I get from a clean and transparent screen, it is also useful to clean it as you clean the keyboard and mouse, for the overall health of the machine. You can clean your LCD screen using any of these methods:

  1. Air-spraying the screen to clear of all dust particles resting on it.
  2. Combine equal parts of distilled water and vinegar in a solution, then dip a rough cloth in the solution and wipe the screen with it.
  3. There are also some microfibre materials you can purchase from local shops around you that deal with computer wares. These clothes are designed to wipe the computer screen, but check to ensure that the one you are buying is meant for a computer like yours.


Make no mistakes, cleaning your computer is not a trivial task. Below we consider some awesome ways to clean your computer:

1. Start by shutting down the computer, and even removing the battery.

2. Flip the laptop open.

3. Place the laptop upside down to let any trapped particles fall out; you can tap it gently as you would pat the backs of your favorite child.

4. Air-spray the keyboard to force out any particles or crumbs that had gotten stuck within it.

5. Keep the laptop on a plain surface and gently sweep the keys with a small brush.

6. Get a small cotton swab, make it damp (not wet) with alcohol and give the keyboard a fairly detailed wiping.

7. Buy CyberClean from any shop around you that deals on computer accessories and use some of it to clean the keyboard. It comes with a manual on how to use it, follow the steps.

If like me, you use an external Bluetooth mouse, it is part of the system and has to be cleaned too. Well, that should not be any trouble, it is very easy to clean. Just like your screen, use a small rag moistened with the same kind of vinegar solution and wipe the mouse all around. if you are using a Bluetooth mouse, you may want to disconnect first before cleaning.

There you have it! Have you cleaned your computer today yet? Please do so, it deserves that treatment, to say the least.