How to Clean a MacBook Screen

Unlike most computer screens which are the typical LCDs, Apple’s MacBooks have glass screens. This is done so users get the best possible viewing experience and the screens look a lot better than an average computer screen even in the same price range. The luxurious experience is excellent, but it also means that you can’t treat a MacBook the same way as an average computer. There are a few extra steps that need to be taken to ensure that you are caring for your MacBook in the best way possible to ensure that you don’t run into any issues just because of user error.

One of the most important aspects of caring for a MacBook is taking care of the screen; here’s how you clean it.

Before doing anything else, make sure that there is no power supply that’s still on, so you don’t run the chance of getting electrocuted. Unplug the charger and take it off the port and shut down the MacBook. After it is off, give it 2-5 minutes before you begin cleaning it.

Get a lint-free cloth, a microfiber cloth works best here, and dampen it very lightly.

Make sure you are only dampening the cloth with water and no other liquid. Solutions like surface cleaners, window cleaners, or acetone are not safe to be used on MacBooks, inside or outside as they can ruin the glass cover that’s on top of the screen glass.

Also remember to spray the cloth with water, not the MacBook screen, as if you spray something directly onto the computer there is a chance that you might accidentally get water in the ports instead and lead to electrocution.

Take your cloth and first do a gentle wipe across the screen and run the cloth on a tissue each time to catch any big chunks of dirt or debris. The wipe needs to be gentle so you don’t accidentally scratch the screen with the dirt that may be on it.

Then, do the process again and again until you have covered the entire screen’s surface,

At this point, you would have removed any loose pieces of debris off of the MacBook screen.

Now, re-dampen your cloth to go in to properly clean the screen, make it slightly wetter than the first time but still nowhere close to dripping wet.

Hold the screen with your hand by either supporting the top or the bottom, and either way works as long as it has support.

Go in with your cloth in circular motions across the entire screen so you don’t end up leaving any watermarks on the screen itself while cleaning. The circular motions will lightly buff the screen too as you clean, so you end up doing two things in one go.

You can repeat this step if you are not satisfied with the level of cleaning, but unless you had something major on the screen, you probably wouldn’t have to go back in.

As an extra precaution to not get the screen dirty again too quickly, run the cloth across the keyboard also, so nothing grabs on to the screen from there.

Although this seems like too many steps, they’re all relatively simple. All you need to do is be careful and be gentle with your device, and you will have it in great shape for years to come.