How to Clean a Fleshlight

Let’s face it, the pandemic hasn’t been good for our social lives and many of us are lonely and can use a little self-care. That might involve nice baths, good food, phone calls with friends and family, and for some, it might involve an intimate moment with oneself once in a while.

Sex toys can add a little spice for that special moment for one, and considering the amazing neurochemical benefits of taking care of one’s own needs such as increased dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin release it is more important than ever to have a little self R&R.

If you are somewhat adventurous then you may have thoughts of buying a Fleshlight, or you may indeed already have one. The entry price for this modern male masturbation toy, powered by a new material termed Superskin, is on the high side. Therefor it is really important to know how to care for the product to increase its longevity.

In this guide, we’ll discuss why you should clean your Fleshlight, the frequency, and the method that will work best for cleaning it. We have researched additional hacks by users who swear by them. We’ll discuss these and let you decide whether to try them for yourself.

Why Should Fleshlights Be Cleaned?

Well gentlemen, while most of you can probably skip this section and gladly clear your Fleshlight after every use. Yes, that’s right: after every use. There might be a few readers out there who need a little extra persuasion to make the slightly lengthy cleaning regimen part of their user routine.

As the Superskin on the Fleshlight is made of mineral oil it is only compatible with water-based lubricants. The combination of that type of lubricant with human secretions and bacteria and other microorganisms from the human skin such as mold makes for a perfect little micro-ecosystem for creepy crawlies to thrive.

If that needs further clarification; the inside of the Fleshlight might become moldy. It may start harboring pathogenic bacteria and the user may end up with a nasty infection. Definitely not ideal.

There is no coming back for the Fleshlight once it has become moldy, although some users claim this is possible, it seems to us that it is unwise to use a previously moldy sex toy. The best thing to do is to take care of your toy before it comes to that.

Need another reason? If you cover up the surface of the Superskin with dried lubricant and secretions, the sensation is unlikely to be pleasant as intended.

If you’re still not convinced, then use a search engine to find images of moldy Fleshlights at your own risk. We’re serious; viewer discretion is highly advised, and we advise against this unless it is the only way you’ll convince yourself to clean your toy.

How to Clean a Fleshlight Step by Step

After each use:

  1. Take apart the case and the sleeve
  2. Wash the case on the inside and out with water and either a gentle soap detergent or a sex toy cleaner
  3. You can leave the case to air dry or dry it with a towel
  4. Now turn your attention to the sleeve, here you will not under any circumstances use soap as this will ruin the Superskin layer
  5. Instead, start washing it with running water, run water through both ends, then gently inters your fingers and try to wash around any ridges the Fleshlight has. Some are smooth which will make this step much simpler
  6. Once you’re satisfied that it is cleaned thoroughly with water, use a small amount of the Fleshwash cleaner. This is a cleaning product specifically designed to work for Fleshlights and will kill bacteria and keep the toy in tip-top shape.
  7. Next, the sleeve needs to be fully dry before being put back into the case
  8. The official advice for drying the sleeve is to leave it on a towel. Once you’ve shaken as much water as you can out
    1. According to users, the towel method takes an incredibly long time and can be expedited by using a microfiber cloth to first dry the outside then gently inserting the cloth using a chopstick
    1. Another alternative is to leave it to dry vertically where it can vent at both ends and where gravity might help drag down the last few drops of water. If you live alone, you can literally do this anywhere in your home. If you live with others you can fashion a discreet hanger to place in your wardrobe out of an old wire hanger or a shoelace to tie around the Fleshlight sleeve and onto a rail/hook. 

Once the toy is fully dry, put the sleeve back in the case until it’s next in use.

A few people on the internet have suggested that using 70% isopropyl alcohol works just as well as Fleshwash and is a lot cheaper. Isopropyl alcohol is a type of rubbing alcohol that is readily available in many hardware and drug stores. It is however important to make sure not to get any rubbing alcohol but specifically isopropyl alcohol as other types may damage the sleeve.

If you want to try the isopropyl alcohol, then pour a small amount in one end of the sleeve, while holding your hand over the other end. Cover both ends and shake gently. You can also wipe the outside of the sleeve with isopropyl alcohol.

Reviving a Fleshlight

After a few uses, the Fleshlight skin might become tacky. This is perfectly normal, and the company has produced a powder termed Fleshlight Renewer Powder. To revive the sleeve to its old feel;

  1. Make sure the sleeve is completely dry
  2. Add some of the powder to the inside and outside of the sleeve and spread it evenly around
  3. Leave on for a while and shake off any excess powder before the next use

There is a hack here as well, according to users on the internet the Renewer powder is basically 100% corn starch. This can be bought in any grocery store. It does however come in a rather large container compared to the official product. Our suggestion: buy one batch of original Fleshlight Renewal Powder, then if you feel the price of a new one is too steep, fill the old container with corn starch.

If you don’t find the two are different keep using the corn starch for its affordability. If you feel a difference, then you can always return to the original product knowing it was worth the extra price.


  • Clean your Fleshlight after every use
  • Never use oil or silicone lubricants with a Fleshlight
  • Never use Talcum Powder with a Fleshlight
  • Avoid soap when washing the sleeve
  • Don’t use hand sanitizers or sanitisers wipes to clean a Fleshlight
  • Dry completely before reassembly
  • Don’t turn it inside out as this may cause microtears in the Superskin
  • Don’t share a Fleshlight with anyone else

If you follow the above hygiene and cleaning tips you should have no problems. Happy self-loving everyone.