How to Charge an Apple Watch

If you’ve just started using an Apple Watch, on any smartwatch for that matter, even some basic actions might seem confusing and difficult at first. Charging, for instance, can present quite a challenge when you don’t have a regular cable like you’re used to, or even a port where you could plug a charger into your Watch.

Instead, Apple has it’s own system of magnetic charging, and here is how you can utilize it to recharge your own Apple Watch:

Checking the current battery status

In case you’re not exactly sure how you can inspect the current percentage of the battery on your Watch in the first place, there are a couple of ways you could achieve this:

  • On any Watch, simply swipe up in order to load the Control Center. Here, you should be able to view the current percentage of the battery.
  • On certain Watch Series, you could also add a custom widget to the watch’s screen, showing the percentage of the battery.
  • If you have an iPhone with iOS 14, you could also put a widget on your phone’s home screen, which will show the percentage of the Watch battery at any given moment.

How to charge your Watch

If your Watch is approaching a low battery level, and displaying the red power sign, then it’s time to recharge your gadget. Here’s how:

  1. For safety reasons, remember to remove your Watch before you attempt to charge it.
  2. Take the charging dock or the charging cable, and plug it into the provided power adapter. Alternatively, you could also plug the cable directly into any USB port.
  3. If you’re using an adapter, plug it into any outlet.
  4. Next, simply place the back side of your Watch onto the charger. There’s no need to worry about placement, as the magnets should align themselves as needed.
  5. The Watch will now begin the charging process, and you should notice a green power sign appear.
  6. Remember to allow your Watch enough time to fully charge, usually a couple of hours.

And that’s it; just a couple of quick and easy steps, and you will be able to charge your Apple Watch in no time.