How to Change Your Voice on Discord

Discord is arguably the most loved and widely-used text and voice communication application at the moment, especially among avid gamers. Apart from its incredible user-friendly design, the platform is also favored for its wide array of customization and personalization options, allowing each user to have a more unique experience.

Among these customization options is also the opportunity to alter your voice when on Disord, whether you’d like to protect your identity or simply to prank your pals when chatting. So, if your goal is to change the sound of your voice when chatting on this application as well, here is everything you have to know about voice modifications on Discord:

What are voice modifiers and are they available on Discord?

Voice filters (also known as changers) are specific apps that are programmed to modify the sound of your voice according to your specific needs. Apart from allowing you to alter your natural tone and pitch, some of these filters might also give you the opportunity to switch your voice to a beloved character’s, or to another unique sound.

While Discord doesn’t have any particular built-in features that allow for voice modifications, you still have the choice of altering your voice when on Discord, although you will need to utilize the help of third-party applications.

How can you alter your voice when on Discord?

If you’ve decided that you’d like to modify the sound of your voice when talking on Discord, here is a list of the best applications that will allow you to do just that, as well as some explanations:


Among the most favored free voice-modifying software for Windows, ClownFish gives you the opportunity to change the sound of your voice when on Discord. What’s more, this application will also allow you to alter your voice in any other app that has access to your microphone.

ClownFish offers 13 voice filters, while having the ability to translate in real-time as well. This app is also incredibly simple to install and use, making it a good option overall.


Voicemod is also among the most widely-used and arguably the best voice modification applications that you could use while talking to your pals on Discord, as well as all other voice communication apps.

The application offers over 40 different filters and effects on its free version, although the paid version offers hundreds more. Not just being incredibly easy to use, Voicemod also tends to give you the best-sounding results.

AV Voice Changer

This is a professional-level software which you could also use in real-time on Discord, that tends to provide you with the most natural and credible sound effects as well. The AV Voice Changer could also be utilized to record an altered voice, and then edit it further in the app later, in an effort to make it sound even more pleasant and believable.

This software will easily allow you to alter the pitch or the tone of your voice, or put on any other modification you’d like to use. However, AV Voice Changer is also a paid-for software, which comes in three levels; just choose one according to your budget.

And there you have it! Evidently, you can effortlessly alter the sound of your natural voice when talking to your friends on Discord. All you really have to do is download an application that best suits your needs and your budget.