How to Change Your Name on TikTok

Yes, you can! And that is a very important fact – a number of social media apps do not give you an opportunity to change your username once it’s set. There are a few considerations we will discuss in this article, however, to ensure you know what you’re doing when changing your TikTok username. 

While the actual process of changing the username you initially chose on TikTok is easy – we recommend that you be prepared to be somewhat creative and patient when you finally decide to take the plunge. TikTok only allows you to change your username once every 30 days. 

An additional important point is that a username has to be unique, so your new name must be available. Luckily since you can use symbols such as dashes, underscores and periods in your name, you might find a combination that both looks good on screen and represents you. However, by giving up your current username for 30 days you make it available for someone else to snatch up, so it’s better be sure before going through the process. 

If your TikTok use mainly consists of watching and commenting on videos these upcoming points might not be of as much interest to you as someone who uses the platform to gain a following and uploads regularly. 

If you are a regular poster it is likely important for you that:

  • Your TikTok name is compatible and similar to other Aliases you use on social media 
  • It is memorable 
  • It represents you and your brand well 

With no further ado, we will now take you through how to change your TikTok username step-by-step. 

Changing your TikTok Username Step-by-Step

  1. Open the TikTok app and login 
  2. Click the “me” option to go to your profile page 
  3. Under your profile picture you find a large prominent red “edit profile” button
  4. Click Edit Profile and change your username 
  5. If your new username is available you will be able to confirm the change, if not TikTok will notify you and you can try again 
Once you’ve navigated to the Me section changing your name is super easy

We hope this article has helped you if you were looking to change your TikTok username. As usual have fun and stay safe online! 

Just in case, here’s some general tips for staying safe: 

  • Unless there is a reason to disclose your real name – for example, if you are your own brand, there is no reason to use your full name 
  • Avoid disclosing your personal phone number or email address online as people you don’t know might access this information and use it to harass you 
  • Don’t give away an exact location and if you want to receive fan mail consider a PO box rather than your own home address