How To Change Your Gamerpic On Xbox

Customizing your gamer profile is one of the coolest ways to project yourself into the digital world of online gaming and gamer friendships. These days, your Gamerpic can be just about anything you want it to be, but it might not be immediately obvious to you how to actually change it.

To learn how to change your Gamerpic on Xbox using one of a number of tried and tested methods, see our step-by-step tutorials below. For all other information, or if you have further questions yet to be answered, please refer yourself to our FAQ section at the end of this article.

How to change your Gamerpic on Xbox (Console)

  1. Turn on your Xbox console, and using your controller, sign into your preferred profile
  2. Now, press the Xbox logo button in the middle of your console to bring up the menu
  3. Navigate along to the tab designated ‘Profile & System’
  4. Next, select ‘My Profile’ from the options available
  5. Once on your Xbox profile, select ‘Customize Profile’ and then select ‘Change Gamerpic’
  6. You now have three options for changing your Gamerpic:
    1. Choose a Gamerpic from the stock selection of Gamerpics available through the Xbox/Microsoft gallery, which will immediately display once you complete Step 5
    2. Select ‘Take a picture of my avatar’. You will be redirected to a photo mode with your current Xbox Avatar, and once you’ve taken the photo, you’ll be able to select ‘Save as gamerpic’
    3. Select ‘Upload a custom image’. You must ensure you already have a USB drive plugged into your Xbox, loaded with the custom Gamerpic you want to use, in either JPEG or PNG format and at least 1080 x 1080 pixels in size. Select ‘Upload’ from the drive, and then crop it to size, before selecting it as your new Gamerpic

How to change your Gamerpic on Xbox (Android/iOS)

  1. On your Smartphone or tablet, download the Xbox app from the app store
  2. Once installed, open the Xbox app by tapping on it, and sign into your Xbox user profile using your Microsoft login credentials (username/email and password)
  3. From the Xbox app homepage, tap your current profile picture/Gamerpic to take you to your profile
  4. Next to your Gamerpic, tap the ‘Edit’ icon
  5. You now have two options for changing your Gamerpic:
    1. Use a Gamerpic from the Xbox gallery: choose one of the displayed Gamerpic images and then tap ‘Save’
    2. Use a custom upload: choose the Photo Library icon, then choose your preferred image from your smartphone’s Gallery; finally, pinch with two fingers to crop the image to your preferred size and hit ‘Upload’

And there you have it! Whether you want to change your Gamerpic on your console or off it, we have you covered! For all other information, and for other questions, see our FAQs below.


What is the Gamerpic on Xbox?

To play any games on a modern Xbox (360, One, Series X, or Series S), you need to have an Xbox profile. This allows you to save and chart your progress through any and all games you play on your current device, and across any future Microsoft gaming console devices you may play on. 

Your Gamertag (which is in effect your username) may be anything of your choosing, and this is the name by which your friends will see you when they play against you or with you online, or when they add you as a friend, or view your profile from their own Xbox homepages.

Your Gamerpic, on the other hand, is the profile picture associated with your Gamertag. It is the image you choose to represent yourself with on Xbox, and it can be any one of myriad things. Your Gamerpic may have many different uses, but the most obvious is simply as an identifier of who you are, and perhaps what games you like to play, for others to see.

Why would I want to change my Gamerpic on Xbox?

You may not realize it, but if you’ve been gaming on Xbox consoles for a while now, you may well have never thought to update your Gamerpic after the first time you were asked to choose one, many moons ago. Your Gamerpic now might be really outdated, or just not representative of how you identify or see yourself today.

Perhaps it just looks old and janky, compared to the more modern Gamerpics you see around you, or (who knows) it might even be embarrassing. Whatever your reasons for wanting to change your Gamerpic on Xbox, we’re here to help. To learn how to change your Gamerpic from your smartphone or Xbox, simply follow our step-by-step tutorials up above.

What can you change your Gamerpic on Xbox to?

It used to be the case that there was only a relatively small selection of images you could choose for your Gamerpic, and they all had to be chosen from the stock Xbox/Microsoft library. Nowadays, though, that’s all changed!

Today, you can choose a Gamerpic from the Xbox library, use a photograph you take of your Avatar (which you can edit and alter to within an inch of its life!), or even upload a custom photo from your Phone library or a USB stick plugged into the back of your Xbox. The possibilities are endless!

Just remember: whatever custom picture you choose to upload to your Xbox to be used as your Gamerpic has to adhere to the Xbox user agreement and Microsoft’s terms & conditions. No nudes, please!

Do you have to be on your Xbox to change your Gamerpic?

No, you don’t actually have to be on your Xbox to change your Gamerpic. Now, with the Xbox app available on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones, and App Store for iOS devices, you can actually change your Gamerpic remotely, through the mobile app!

If you’d like to change your Xbox Gamerpic using your smartphone, but don’t know how, fear not. We’re here to help! Just follow our step-by-step tutorial for Android and iOS devices found up above.