How to Change Your Facebook Profile Picture without Notifying Anybody

Even though Facebook notifications can often be quite handy and beneficial, like when it comes to reminders for birthdays or other events, most people don’t wish to be notified about every single thing that happens on the website.

One of these occurrences might be a simple change of your profile photo when it’s only natural you don’t want all of your Facebook friends to know that you just uploaded a new picture for your Facebook page. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way of doing this, but it is possible to achieve with a quick workaround. Here’s how:

Changing your Facebook profile image

To alter your current profile picture on Facebook, without actually sending out a notification to anyone, or allowing the new photo to appear in your friend’s Feeds, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Facebook website on your computer, or the application on your mobile device. Log in if necessary.
  2. Now, click on your profile icon at the bottom (mobile) or top-right (desktop) to load your page.

  1. Then, simply press on your current profile picture, and choose the Update/Select Profile Picture option.

  1. Here, simply choose from existing photos or click on the Upload Photo button to add a new image.
  2. Click on Save to confirm.

  1. After your photo has been updated, you should see a new post on your feed with this notification.
  2. Press the three dots in the corner of this post

  1. Select the Edit audience option.

  1. Here, click on Only Me.

Now, the notification saying you have changed your profile image won’t appear in your Facebook friend’s feed.

And that’s it! Uploading a new profile picture to Facebook is as simple as completing a couple of quick steps, even when you don’t want to notify all of your friends of this new change.