How to Change the Organization Name in GTA Online

GTA Online easily takes you from the streets, and upgrades you to an elite boardroom position. It allows you to start, run and customize your own Criminal Organization, and even become the CEO of your empire.

And with customization also come a few cool perks and settings, one of which is effortlessly changing the name of your Organization. Whether you made a typo on the first try, or you simply got bored looking at the same sign, here’s how you can change your Organization name in GTA Online:

Changing the name of your Organization

  1. Open your phone, and then go to the Internet.
  2. Next, go to Dynasty8 Executive. Here, the properties you can buy are indicated with a yellow mark, while the ones you own are shown in green.
  3. Click on a property you own, which you want to change the name of.
  4. Now, press Renovate.
  5. Here, you have the option to update your decor, and even change your personnel from male to female and vice versa. To change the name of your Organization, click Organization Name.
  6. Now, simply type in the new name of your Organization in the first box that displays your current Organization name. You can also change the font, as well as the font color here.
  7. After you’ve finished changing the name of your Organization, simply click Renovate.You will see here that the name change will cost you $250,000. If you accept that charge, just press Buy.
  8. Your Organization name will now be changed, after a quick refresh.

Hack for changing the Organization name without a charge

Some players have discovered a hack for changing the name of your Organization for free.

On gaming consoles, the account balance is saved periodically, and not after every transaction. This means that you might be able to change your Organization name for free if you shut your console off immediately after the name change. When you log back in, your name change will be recorded, but the $250,000 won’t be deducted.

However, it’s important to note that this hack didn’t work for everyone, and it undoubtedly won’t work on PC, since the account balance on this GTA Online version is changed after every transaction.